Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Camaro Special Edition Zamac Exclusive…

One more upcoming new model for the week filled with upcoming models…

Yesterday we showed the first of the next batch Walmart Zamacs, and we have one more.  Next to that Scion will be the 2013 Hot Wheels Camaro Special Edition is all its unpainted glory:

I hate to say it Mattel, but this should have been the 1:1 Special Edition instead of the blue.  This model is fantastic.  How cool would an unpainted Delorean-esque Camaro be?  And if not unpainted, the red version from this year would have sufficed as well.

Our only complaint, keep the trap5’s on the Zamac.  I know a lot of you hate those wheels, but those wheels on this Zamac would have been wonderfully over the top.  But that is a minor complaint, and this is a model we will pick up…

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  1. It's funny you mention wishing the 1:1 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro was made in a color other than blue… it seems a few Chevrolet dealerships are wishing the same thing now. I visited a mid-west Chevrolet dealer recently to test drive the 2014 Z71 Silverado and they had 4 of the Hot Wheels Camaro on the lot, each with different transmissions & with or without the sunroof. Evidently the first ones flew off the lot, but later people were wishing they had made it with 2 exclusive paint colors to choose from rather than just one.

    My personal opinion? I think the original blue design looks great! I could perhaps do without the subtle side 'flame' stripe on the rear quarters, and more subdued 'Hot Wheels' logos on the front seats but the wheels are perfect, and I think quite well represented on that upcoming Zamac edition!

  2. You know… it wasn't until I saw the metallic burgundy Special Edition Camaro, but I really like the trap5's on this model. Just picked it up a couple days ago after many, many days of contemplation. These FTE2 wheels work well with the body lines as well as the color. They seem to work on later models and also on the Datsun Bluebird too, IMO! What's yours?

  3. Why did you change your mind that you hate the wheels on the Camaro? Or do you mean that you liked the TRAP5 wheels only on the others?

  4. I did not like the trap5 wheels at all, UNTIL the debut of the burgundy 2013 HW CHEVY CAMARO SPECIAL EDITION. After I saw the trap5's on this car, I stopped hating them. Now I like the trap5 wheel. BUT.. they have to work well as long as they compliment the model/body style and it also depends on the color of the wheel as well. Another good example is the white/ green combo on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. If you noticed here on Lamley, some crafters managed to make the trap5 look awesome simply by making them all black.

  5. i have not ever anywhere seen this zamac camaro. i've seen the team hot wheels one with the blue wheels, the COPO with the orange stripes & wheels….and the one with the green on green stripes…….but never have i seen this one with the black/red striping. not even on eBay and i look there every. single.day. what's the deal here?

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