First Look: Hot Wheels 2014 Pop Culture Batch A, including the Kenworth W900, T1 Drag Bus, and more…

We have been sitting on this batch for a few days, but it doesn’t seem like we need to be that urgent about it.  No new premium Hot Wheels have hit the pegs in 2014, and we wonder when that will change.

It is bound to change soon, so here is what to look for when Pop Culture arrives.  Pop Culture is really not our thing, but we have the models, so we might as well show them.  We will never get too excited about models with cartoon characters plastered on the side, but we will give kudos to Mattel for making models that look really good, with or without the cartoons.  The Plymouth Satellite, for example, looks superb in black and red, we just don’t need the Tazmanian Devil on the side.

So here they are, including several models being used for only the second time.  And be sure to look closely, because the Kenworth and Drag Bus are bound to fly off the pegs once they hit.

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Hot Wheels 2014 Pop Culture Batch A:

Kenworth W900

VW T1 Drag Bus

’85 Ford Bronco

’40 Ford 

’71 Plymouth Satellite

Customized C3500

9 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels 2014 Pop Culture Batch A, including the Kenworth W900, T1 Drag Bus, and more…”

  1. Yeah, I like these models, but I'm not interested in Pop Culture though. And I said I liked the cars, not interested in Pop Culture.

    The models here I like is the Kenworth truck, VW bus, the customized C3500, and that 85' Bronco.

    So that's it. I did say all this now. I have absolutely nothing else to say about everything else haha.

  2. Most of the Nostalgia/Pop Culture lines have not been my thing. I might pick-piece some items due to theme or casting, but not too often. Hell, the last Looney Toons set I only wanted 3 of them. But I definitely want this whole set.

    And you gotta admit, Elmer on the Bronco? Absolutely PERFECT match, hahaha


  3. Some of the car to characters match pretty well. I have to agree with the Elmer and the Bronco? But the Speedy Gonzales and the extended cab truck with gold wheels seems a bit racist to me.

  4. The Elmer Fudd Bronco is the best one to me. I think that it would look better with the same color scheme and camo decoration on the side, but without Elmer Fudd's face emblazoned on the sides.

  5. Haha, EXACTLY. That's how I feel about the entirety of this line, great substantial and otherwise interesting castings spoiled by horrible paint.

  6. My favorite has to be the Pepe Le Pew. Not only because of the graphics (which are great by the way), but also because I have a soft spot for convertibles, particularly of that era. That is just Pepe to a tee, the car for a mack.

    If I had to choose a runner-up though, it would be the Elmer Fudd Bronco. Makes perfect sense to use that casting, for obvious reasons. Not to mention, a very handsome truck as well.

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