Variation Alert: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota Celica & Mazda RX-7 with OH5’s, BMW E30 M3 with MC5’s, 2013 Toyota 2000GT with PR5 wheels, and more…

By nature, being a collector means you find your niche, and collect the hell out of it.  So to speak.

We would like to think that our interest in these mini cars comes directly from our love for the real thing.  My collection is full of mini versions of the cars that will always earn a double take from me when I pass them on the road.  Everything from a Gran Torino to a Datsun 510 to a 458 Italia.  And a lot more.

But there is one aspect of my collecting that doesn’t have anything to do with the real cars they represent.  And that little corner of the collecting world is full of wheel variations.  I love wheel variations, more specifically wheel variations on the cars I collect.  They could make the models look better, or worse, but if the wheels are different I want that model.  And if the wheel vari is rare or common, that doesn’t matter.  I want it.

So I am always on the prowl, not only for wheel vari’s on the pegs, but for any info on wheel vari finds.  And most of that info comes from the Vari and Error section on HWC.  Even with all the changes to the HWC forums, the Vari & Error section is still frequented by the best vari hunters in the biz, and what they share is fantastic.  No day goes by without a visit to that forum, to what else has been found.  Occasionally I can even contribute some of my finds.

So when something emerges that we think will interest Lamley readers, we will share it.  And a few things have emerged…

Let’s start with a couple of recent multipack finds, both models that many of you collect:

2014 Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica with OH5 wheels:

Found by the collector with the best error-seeking eyes I know, HWC member TEPEagle from the Northwest US.  Normal wheels are chrome-lipped MC5’s.  Found in a multipack, and note the wrong window was inserted as well.  No others have been reported.

2014 Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 with OH5 wheels:

Another OH5 vari, found by another legendary vari collector, HWC member Cam40, in a TRU 20-pack.  Normal wheels are chrome MC5.

And there are more.  How about these, found in Walmart Christmas 9-packs:

Golf GTi with small 10-spoke wheels:

Found by HWC member svt4me.  Normal wheels are large Y5.

Cadillac CTS-V with gold MC5 wheels:

Found by HWC member Mateo716.  Normal wheels are yellow-lipped PR5’s.

And now a couple in the Lamley collection.

First off:

2014 Hot Wheels BMW E30 M3 with MC5 wheels:

Found by me in a Target dump bin in Utah.  There were many other E30’s there, but with the normal PR5’s.  One other has been reported found at a TRU in Arizona.  There seem to be a lot of these on the pegs, so keep looking.

2014 Multipack Exclusive Honda S2000 with 10-spoke wheels:

We reported this one earlier, but still have not heard of another reported.  Keep an eye out in 9-packs and 3-packs.

Lastly, a new gem added to the Lamley collection, the 2013 Toyota 2000GT with PR5 wheels:

This easily goes to the top of my favorite wheel variations list, alongside the FE Cadillac CTS with lace wheels and Honda S2000 Super TH with 5-spoke Real Riders.  This was found by HWC member LATECH18 in New Mexico.  The other two pictured were found in the same store on the same visit.  Some other mismatched MC5/PR5 Toyotas were reported, but as far as I know this is the only reported all-PR5 variation.

There are a few to look for, and there will undoubtedly be more.  We will try and keep everyone updated, at least on the variations we think would interest folk here.

And by the way, look for a full update on the Lamley wheel variation collection soon…

2 Replies to “Variation Alert: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota Celica & Mazda RX-7 with OH5’s, BMW E30 M3 with MC5’s, 2013 Toyota 2000GT with PR5 wheels, and more…”

  1. Ah, another variation alert post. Good for you John.

    So, looking at these errors on all of them, that Cadillac with gold MC5 wheels looks WAY more better to me. Yes, I still like the original version, the one with yellow lipped black PR5's.

    The Celica and Mazda, hmm. The Celica with OH5 wheels variation.

    Aha! The second time the Celica appears with the same variation as 2013! How? Because John, when you posted the variation alert of the BMW M3 with MC5's, the Pagani Huayra with 10sp, and the Celica with OH5's, see what I mean? In 2013, the Celica has an OH5 wheel variation, so then the Celica returns with the SAME wheel variation.

    The RX-7, I might like this, and, I said MIGHT.

    So, it's kinda pretty cool.

    The MC5 M3. Returns with the same variation as last year's blue version. Like the Celica.
    And I think you should do a “First Look” the MC5 BMW M3, it's because I can't see the wheels a little well. I need a closer look.

    Yes, yes, we know, we know, the S2000. We've heard of this one earlier, but why do you have to post it again?

    And, ooooooooh!!! Toyota 2000GT with PR5's!? Really awful! Just awful. Look at it. I don't seem to like it. Same with the yellow version for 2014, no lipped on the MC5 wheels. Oh come on, Hot Wheels, make a better wheel variation on this looking awesome Toyota!!!

    So that's all eh? Okay, so you said before that when the 2014 version of the BMW M3 E30 hits those stores, you'll find variations of that white M3, right? I hope you do. Good luck!

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