First Look: Hot Wheels Color Shifter VW Drag Bus…

Yeah, we fell victim to the hype…

I happened across this Color Shifter at a local Walmart, and because of the frenzy around it, I picked it up.


It is a Drag Bus.

It is plastic.

It doesn’t open.


It is plastic for a purpose.  Changing color on metal is a little harder to do (usually involved fire or paint), and this is a Color Shifter.  I always laugh when I see comments about the atrocity the plastic Drag Bus is, as if it will replace in the metal Drag Bus in premium lines.  It won’t.  It is plastic because Color Changers are plastic.

So, I bought it, and now we are showing it.  It makes for a fun model, as there is a lot of mass to change colors.  We get it.

Now the question.  Considering the metal Drag Bus is way too involved and heavy for the mainline, would you accept this plastic one as a dollar model on the pegs?


By the way, for you guys keeping score, this is the first Drag Bus we have ever featured on Lamley.  Crazy, eh?

(You can try to find the Drag Bus at Walmart or Target, or just go to ebay…)

Hot Wheels VW Drag Bus (2014 Color Shifters):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Color Shifter VW Drag Bus…”

  1. I went to two WalMarts, but did not find any of these. They all the others, but some collector must of bought all of them. Now WalMart put the rest on clearance, so I don't think they will be restocking them any time soon.

  2. Hootsie your color! I found this at my local Real Canadian Superstore. Well, if any of you wanna know, I actually live in Canada. Not in the U.S.

    Anyways, it's really cool. I not only got this one. I also got the 05' Mustang GT, also cool too.

    These things are also great for experiments. And I know how to turn it into the color (so do any of you know how to do it too, plus you John), just dip the car in warm icy water, well that doesn't mean you need to put ice in the warm water, just wash it with warm water and WITHOUT ice.

    To put it back, put COLD water.

    And these are really easy instructions, so to tell the comment above, haha there's actually not a lot of them you see in your two local Wal-Marts. Or, some of the Wal-Marts near your place don't have the color shifters series. So dude, if you're really loking for them and you can't find them in any store, find it on eBay. Easy.

  3. I got my son one and he played with it for about 30 min but did a lot of color changing it was almost a constant hot/cold for that long. Now it will not go back to the original color…its been about 30 min and its still bright green! The original color was grey. How can I get it to change back or will it??????

  4. The initial color should be darkish green but try nearly freezing water or really hot water (turn tap to full warm setting, it should not be boiling though)

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  6. I do not know about the color shifter playsets but the cars themselves are amazing. They're really well built and are incredibly sturdy. The color shifting is very obvious as they change colors drastically unlike the older generations of color shifting toys were the color would change from a dark one to a light one. Here you really see the difference.

    My son has two of these and you can check em out at Hot Wheels Color Shifters and can also see the process of them changing colors.

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