What are your thoughts on The Homer?

We previewed a few Lamley-esque models in the upcoming Hot Wheels Batch F, but one model we didn’t show is getting a lot of attention:

The Homer will hit the mainline in Batch F, and then later in the premium Retro Entertainment line.  We haven’t been big fans of the cartoon cars here at Lamley, but we can’t blame Mattel for doing them.  They are proving immensely popular.
We happily skip past the Jetsons, Flinstones, and Scooby cars when we hit the pegs, but like any Gen X’er we have a soft spot for the Simpsons.  We might be more inclined to get excited about the Canyonero, but we just might bite on this one.
Will you?

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  1. as a person who grew up watching the Simpsons, this one, for me, is the star of this batch. Sure, i haven't watched the show in ages, but i like TV and movie cars.


    Your car was the first thing that came to mind when I heard about this release.

  3. Yes I am… dunno why the first post showed as Unknown.

    There hasn't been a scale model of The Homer made in several years – the one that was made has become pretty rare and valuable. Our car went viral on the internet last year and we got to meet Matt Groening and the rest of The Simpsons creators due to it, so I have to wonder if that could have influenced HW to make this? Or maybe I'm just projecting 🙂

    Either way, thanks to Jeff Koch for bringing this to my attention!

  4. Meh, I'm not a fan of cartoon show cars.

    Okay, if anyone doesn't understand, I'll explain it more.

    I actually like the cartoons, but I'm not a fan of the cartoon cars.

    Yeah, this one FOR ME, it's actually not getting me interested into this one. Not getting my attention. So if Hot Wheels has done THE JETSON'S Capsule car and THE HOMER, I prefer THE JETSON'S Capsule car is much better to me.

  5. I grew-up watching The Simpsons and still watching it now.. I'd buy this for sure! But I somehow wish that they made Homer's pink car instead of this…

  6. While I enjoy watching the Simpson's and have surely seen it about a hundred times or so, I wouldn't consider myself a huge Simpson's follower, and perhaps that's why I have never seen or heard of 'The Homer' before??? It seems I missed each of those episodes?

    That said, I need to go find an episode with The Homer in it; though I still think it would be a stretch to say I'll be taking one of the $1 or $5 Hot Wheels versions home with me…

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