First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in silver…

“Wait!?!  Isn’t this just like the Zamac F12 released last year?  It looks exactly the same!”

Uh, no it doesn’t:

Especially when you put them together:

Alright, maybe a bit similar.

But unpainted is a Hot Wheels thing.  Silver is a Ferrari thing.  Zamac was only available at US Walmarts.  Silver will be available everywhere.  And shit, look at those lines!!  Who needs color?!?  It just mucks up how pretty the car is.

Well, unless it is in red:

Plus, this silver is exactly like the Ferrari FF:

A perfect set of family cars.  My family of four can fit in the FF, and the F12 makes a great car for date night.  I will have to throw that idea to the mrs and see what she thinks.

So we will take the silver version.  And any other version released for that matter.

(Find the F12 and the rest of Batch F at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (2013 Mainline):

4 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in silver…”

  1. Looks really cool to me! Except that I don't know why Hot Wheels didn't put the taillight tempos (rrr, I'm just so tired!).

    Anyways, yeah you're actually ALMOST right. Something else that you can tell that both silver versions are different;

    1. 2014 version has BLACK base and the 2013 ZAMAC silver version has a GREY base
    2. 2014 has lighter silver color and 2013 ZAMAC silver version has shinier silver color

    So that's all. Anyone else has something they saw in mind that I've forgotten?

    Yep, it's still a stunning car though, and I'll get 2.

    And John you should maybe find errors if there is.

    OK, that's all. Again, I like the Ferrari F12Birlinetta.


  2. Gotta add this one to the collection. We still didn't get the zamac down here in my town though, which is some straight up bullshit. Hopefully I can at least be able to get the silver one.

    P.S., I still think the FF is wack. At least the big dummy does what it's supposed to do, I guess.

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