As is the Custom: Our faves for the weeks ending January 11, 2014, PART 1…

Yep, Part 1.

That is what happens when you spend one weekend showing your favorites for 2013, then skipping a week to enjoy the holidays.  The submissions pile up.

But so many are worth some attention, that we are splitting up this week’s feature.  Part 1 is now, Part 2 will hit a bit later.  So enjoy:

@minh427 – Instagram

Mass Riezal

Madworks Kustom

@migkustomz – Instagram

mrsenctvt – Instagram

cr-fox – Germany

Leo’s Trash Cars


Camaro Garage

5pudly – Instagram


Ridzuan Norhan

@kennpot – Instagram

@ehonrada – Instagram

@alamazan_hw, @bkkake – Instagram

ideadwalk_coastin – Instagram

@deldiego10 – Instagram


dusan vukadinovic


Hexon Hartley

8 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the weeks ending January 11, 2014, PART 1…”

  1. John, where was the “As is the custom” for LAST SUNDAY?

    Anyway, these are better customs this year! I bet this year's customs ill be a huge success when I see a lot of impressing! Of course, yes this one is the first time some people and I noticed that MRSENCTVT- Instagram's GULF livery 1990 Honda Civic EF (which is a new model for the C case 2014) is really catching my mind. Also giving me a lot of attention onto it. Maybe, I think it will be like a Level 4 success. It just feels like one.

    And not only that the Gulf Civic EF invites me to it, also @mihn427- Instagram's Nissan Skylines. The ones with the Hot Wheels speed machine wheels and the other one with the TRAP5 wheels. Also those BRE Datsun 620 pickups. Not the Datsun 510 and the Skyline vintage. Anyone of you, always remember; I'm not a fan of classic vintages.

    Let's see what else here I like: Camaro garage's customs (I like both of them, they look really cool : D), 5pudly- Instagram's Aston Martin DB5s (looks like James Bond's car), @Alamaazan _ HW @bkkake's Toyota FJ Cruiser (WOW, I wonder what the type of toy manufacturer it is, Majorotte, Maisto, pusp, meh), and that blue skyline.

    WHAT THE HUH!? Did I mention that I liked the blue Skyline!? Okay, this is weird. Mi777ke777, are you a Lamley commenter? You comment sometimes on this blog, right? Ha, I think some people will mention about this. Maybe some people will discover that!

    So, okay, I'm good. That's all for commenting today.

    So, that's all it. I'm out now.

  2. Hey thanks. Yes I always comment here its the best 1/64 site imo but I do customs on Hotwheelscollectors under the name 420Customs. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Awesome work here fellas lots of nice stuff to start 2014!

  3. I love Leo's Trash cars works ( he is Figures Armours in Facebook I guess) ,I like rusty and weathered cars it looks more alive than a shiny unscratched look ,that's rusty Datsun 510 w/ surf board is my work,thanks Lamley for displaying my works

  4. Man, i cant believe my stuff actually gets placed next to some of these other customs. some of these are crazy! that datsun with the surfboard. all those with amazing decal work.

    thanks again Lamely for including me in this! I have plenty more stuff im working on, hope for it to catch your eyes.

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