Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 2014 Batch F, the most Lamley-esque batch yet…

Mattel has released the lineup for Batch F of the 2014 Hot Wheels line, and we are just a tad excited about it.

There are batches that have a few models you want, some that take a lot of fishing to find anything, and then there are batches like F.  We won’t show all the models from Batch F, like the Homer mobile and new flat-bed, because that is not what Lamley is about.  Lamley is about the cool cars, and cool cars there are:

Lets see…

A brand new Ferrari (we like Ferraris).

Two of our favorite JDM models (2000GT and 620).

Our favorite muscle casting (the Torino).

Our favorite Porsche casting.

One of our favorite current cars (the Scion/86/BRZ).

And of course an E30.  Never mess with an Alpine white E30.

Plus, we have no connection to 1:1 gassers, but there is no doubt Hot Wheels’ ’55 is a gem, and that is easily one of the best Supers of the year.

So if they have us a JDM Super, a Skyline or two, and a BMW 2002, we might have the perfect batch.  But that is all that would beat Batch F.

Your thoughts?

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  1. WIN! Hot Wheels is improving? Of course!

    And in this batch, yep these models I can really recognize and tell… if anybody's wondering, this is the list;

    1. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari (2014 new model)
    2. Porsche 993 GT2 (New model? Or not?)
    3. Scion FR-S (Then And Now)
    4. Ford Gran Torino
    5. Toyota 2000GT yellow (recolor)
    6. 92' BMW M3 E30 white (recolor)
    7. Datsun 620 pickup blue (recolor)
    8. 55' Chevy Bel Air Gasser (Also a $TH)

    So 8 cars are shown here eh? So I'll get that new LaFerrari, Porsche 993 GT2, Scion FR-S, Toyota 2000GT, 92' BMW M3 E30, and the Datsun 620. Not the 55' Gasser or the Ford Gran Torino. I'm not really interested in vintages, or well, kind of, but I'm actually saying I'm not a fan of vintages or made- up fantasy cars.

    So, yeah, that's all I said today. So see you guys later.

  2. I have to say, I kinda miss some classic American muscle. Cutting back on it is a good thing, but, geez, they didn't have to get rid of it all!
    The Datsun 620 is not JDM–it's left hand drive.

  3. Yeah, agreeing on people saying that Hot Wheels doing a super TH or a regular TH on the Bimmer E30.

    Or, I think it would be better if the M3 E30 would be a REGULAR TH instead of the super TH. Why? Because I think it'll look ugly in one of the type of super TH wheels.

  4. Wow, this batch is in fact exciting! and I thought FINALLY finding the Hot Wheels Entertainment series Ferrari 250 California in the store for $5 today (& not $20 online!) was a treat, but this is just as good! P.S. I left the other 2 250 California's at said TRU in Ohio…

    I'll likely buy 2 of each of those seen above, with the exception of the Bel-Air and Torino for which I'll take just one… which is ironic given my great appetite for classic American muscle, both 1:1 & 1:64. Who'da thunk!?

  5. And, I'll also get the recolor of the DeLorean recolor in red and if there are a few more models that are shown on other webpage on my computer.

  6. Agreed. I'd like to see a jet black Bel Air (with chrome trim of course) and OH5's, 5SP's, Real Riders, or even 5 Spoke Mags.
    I thought the Gasser in primer was cool, but there is something about a '55 with a low, raked stance. A metallic red would suffice and if i'm correct, didn't I start to see a pearl yellow '55 in some newer multi-packs? I believe it was in TRU… maybe Wally World.

  7. I really think Hot Wheels needs to roll out a few classics again, seems it's all 50's and newer that's been coming out. Yea, there was the 34 last year, but who wouldn't love to see the old Packards, Duesenberg, bentleys and so forth? And if Hot Wheels won't do it maybe give the molds to Matchbox, you know they'd do an excellent job on them.

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