Lamley News: More new Hot Wheels multipack exclusives have been released…

We are having more and more fun with these multipack exclusives.  We will continue to say we love what Mattel is doing, using the multipacks to release more recolors of popular mainlines.

And after a visit to Smith’s today (our local Kroger chain), we have discovered even more:

We have seen the Mini and Porsche unveiled on T-Hunted, but now we can confirm that they are in fact multipack cars.  The orange Mini Challenge is now the 5th color of the 2011 New Model, following red, blue, and white in the 2011 mainline, and yellow in multipacks in 2013.

The Porsche is a recolor of last year’s multipack version in metalflake grey, which is a recolor of maybe the 2010 First Edition, or the 2011 Nightburnerz, or the 2012 All-Stars versions.  We have no idea because all share front and rear detailing with no side deco.

The Beetle is a surprise.  We had no idea this one was coming out.  We just mentioned a few days ago that we were disappointed we hadn’t seen the New Beetle casting since its debut, and here it is.  This may mean we will see the third color in 2015.  This is a great casting and we are happy to see it getting attention again.

We brought a 9-pack home with us, as one contained the Porsche, Beetle, as well as other recently released multipack cars.  The Mini had to stay at the store.  How about some pics?

Porsche 911 GT2

Comparison with the 2011 mainline in black:

The model we think is the original that the two recolors are based on, the blue mainline from 2012:

Our two favorite Hot Wheels Porsches in 2014 clothes:

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Comparison with the 2012 mainline:

Almost the exact same color as the brand new multipack S2K:

Corvette Z06

The three colors: 2014 multipack in yellow, 2013 multipack in red, 2012 mainline in black:

’69 COPO Corvette

The three colors – 2014 multipack in green, 2013 multipack in gold, 2012 5-pack in red:

7 Replies to “Lamley News: More new Hot Wheels multipack exclusives have been released…”

  1. Is that a wheel variation on the Porsche 911 GT2's comparison with the 993 GT2's wheels? Because I see there's no chorme silver-lipped J5's on the wheels of the 993 GT2.

    Anyway, I love the multipack exclusive 2012 VW beetle new model recolor, in copper orange. I'm also getting the Corvette Z06, Porsche 911 GT2. and the yellow Mini challenge.

    Oh, plus a little thing some collectors might find. And I said MIGHT, alright.
    Did I see the 2014 mainline model ALFA ROMEO 8c COMPETIZIONE in the Mini's multipack? That's cool! Cause' now maybe there's some more than just the variations spotted on Kelvinator21's Hot Wheels.


    There's also been a dark red '70 Dodge Challenger and a black '69 Camaro hardtop spotted in a recent 9 pack on HWC. No tampos except for some detailing. I'm liking the plain looking exclusives.


  3. Has anyone noticed that the multipack 2012 VW beetle's color is different from the 2012 mainline version's color? The multipack version color is in some type of orange, and the 2012 mainline version is in red metallic.

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