Happy New Year from the Lamley Group…

May your 2014 be FULL of finds…

(And let us know.  We love to share…)

2014 should see some fantastic new things at Lamley.  We cannot wait to share.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Actually, the AE86 has a WHEEL VARIATION on it. So that's how the wheels are different. It was supposed to be MC5 wheels, but instead, they are 3sp (3 spokes).

  2. Happy new year John Lambert and the others from the Lamley Group blog.
    I already have my Sandblaster Super TH!!! And not just that. Also found a Regular TH 2014 Hot Wheels Fangster, regular TH 2013 Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7, 2014 Hot Wheels Regular TH Subaru WRX STI, and another super TH 2014 Hot Wheels Sandblaster. Got 2 of the Super TH Sandblaster.

  3. four regular th prototype h 24 , mazda rx7 , circle trucker , and the 12 ford fiesta and only one super the 07 ford mustang

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