Lamley News: More images of the upcoming Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT in yellow unveiled…

Just a quick pop-in to show some photos recently shared with us of the upcoming yellow Toyota 2000GT from Hot Wheels.

These photos show it off better than the previous photos we had, and we have to say it looks better than we expected.  We still could do without the additional stripes, and we know Hot Wheels does not have a basic wheels that works perfectly, so the grey MC5’s will have to do.

We always take the approach that more is better, so into the collection it goes.  And if we take away our desire for a completely realistic deco, this is actually really sharp.

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  1. I'm surprised. Not impressing me at all. The recolor isn't that much sporty. Why can't Hot Wheels make the 2000GT more better and sporty? My gosh the black one impresses me more. The golden lipped MC5's, the white and red stripes, gives more sporty looking. But this one, no sporty looks. It's like, come on Hot Wheels.

    And the things that doesn't impress me on the recolor are the wheels and the stripe colors.

    Here is my explanation why the wheels and the stripe color don't impress me:

    Wheels- because there is no lipped color on the wheels. You know on the 2014 black version 2000GT? The wheels are black and plus, there's golden lipped MC5 wheels there. So, why not lipped MC5 wheels on this one again? I know there's black wheels just like the black version, but you can see the difference that the black version has DARKER black, so you can see that this one has LIGHTER black MC5's. Now do some of you get it?

    Stripe color- Doesn't impress me. The stripe color needs some better colors. Like, instead of blue and black, Hot Wheels would have put DARKER blue, and a green stripe instead for a change.

    That's it for now. I'll see y'all guys later on.

  2. Are we certain those wheels grey and not a dark green? It's hard to tell from my perspective? These photos are more appealing that the initial fuzz-photo so I will reluctantly buy one for the collection… or so I think at this moment.

  3. The casting is great, I'm just not much of a fan of most hot wheels yellows. Mainly because the color thins really badly around edges. Just makes it look dirty to me.

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