As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending December 21, 2013…

Happy Holidays Lamley Friends!

We are finally reconvening after a week of work meetings (Thanks Texas for the beautiful weather that I got to experience for about 15 minutes total.  Daily 14-hour work meetings are brutal.) and a weekend of holiday prep (and a stop-off at the movie theater to see if Ron Burgandy is still classy.  Happy to report he is.).

This week will consist of one work day, the rest of the week off, a lot of present opening, plenty of playing in the snow, and the announcement of the 2013 Lamley Awards.  Should be fun.

But we have a shitload of customs to get to, so let’s do it.  You guys were busy this week, and we will all benefit from an epic week of customs.

As always, be sure to submit your customs by way of email (, our Facebook page, or Instagram (hashtag your photo #lamleycustoms) to ensure that we will see them.


Albert “kool51”

Daniel Hew

@2454_customs – Instagram

@toykollector – Instagram

Anh Minh To

@78toy4dr – Instagram

@coecoet – Instagram

@mosh_jahoney – Instagram

@Inspiire_hw – Instagram

@hotwheelnut – Instagram

@imhungry_bro  – Instagram

Adriano Césari

@lh_art_ – Instagram

@ak2_something – Instagram


Rokushoo Oohsukor

@ideadwalk_coastin – Instagram

@AMEERUDE – Instagram

@Zombeaz – Instagram

@pramrahaninggar – Instagram

@5pudly – Instagram

@Relle_customs – Instagram

Kiyoshi Mendonca

@Chokyjacko – Instagram

@amilamiluddin – Instagram

@Bampomade – Instagram

@rikkshady – Instagram

Edgar Torres Farias

Dun DÖn Jovovich

Pisut Masanong

Daisuke Saito

10 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending December 21, 2013…”

  1. There is some awesome work displayed here. AWESOME! If you like plain white custom trucks … to each their own. There may be some cars here I may not crazy about, compared to others. For example, I may not lust after a Honda Civic as much as a '69 Vette, but the talent utilized on some of the Civics above, is incredible. I enjoy seeing anything posted here because it's nice to see what some folks do with their creativity with a particular casting. Nice work!

  2. I agree ↑ ↑ ↑ that FJ custom really has attention to detail. No paint globbing over body lines but needs a bit more color as it looks like a ceramic proto.

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