First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Porsche 993 GT2…

Happy Holidays…

We are in the home stretch leading up to Christmas, and I am finally leaving Texas for icy Utah.  Frozen or not, it is a joy to finally be on my way home.

So while I fly, here is a little holiday treat for you.  An early peak at the mainline debut of the Rauh Welt-inspired Hot Wheels Porsche 993 GT2.  For those of you who had a hard time finding the Boulevard version, at least this will be easier to get.

This is easily one of our favorite Hot Wheels castings, and we will give it a full post soon, but for now, enjoy this pretty little red rider…

(And find the Porsche 993 on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Porsche 993 GT2 (2014 Mainline):

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  1. What batch is this supposed to be in? Batch E? On T-hunted I didn't saw it on the case E line. How did you get it???

    Anyways, that's the “First Editions” on the model HUH? Impossible! I didn't know it came out to eBay! Maybe batch E and F are already out at WheelCollectors. I'll check first and comment tomorrow.

  2. I am sure there are details under that thick paint. But the red needs some adornment. I am always amazed at how thick the paint is.


  3. Nah, there ain't any 2014 Hot Wheels mainline Porsche 993 GT2. Or do you mean the 2013 BOULEVARD version of the Porsche?

  4. John, batch F did not come out yet, so I don't know if your Lamley friend Douglas has shown the 993 GT2 on either on of these batches. Well, just suit yourself asking Doug to show the WHOLE mainline of the “E” case of 2014 hot Wheels.

    Again, you can suit yourself. And nice post though. : )

  5. How come Hot Wheels makes the BOULEVARD version more much better than only the mainline version??? Weird! And I was really hoping for Hot Wheels to make this Porsche machine appear on 2014 Hot Wheels mainline (yes that did make my wish came true) or in the 2013 mainline before this one came out to 2014. But that mainline version needs more design, such as the rear light tempos (OK, I really quit saying tempos, but I have to!!!), a better adornment, or many things that describes about the mainline version getting some better improving design.

    So who agrees!?

  6. Thank you for this: “Rauh Welt.”
    I'd venture a guess that very few diecast blogs would ever utter that phrase. This is one of the releases that will keep me looking at the Hot Wheels pegs in 2014.


  7. Saw a multi pack last night with this one the 2000gt recolor and the Lambo Elemento, I didn't think the other cars in the pack was worth it seeing as how I never open any packages.

  8. This is not an RWB inspired GT2. I repeat, THIS IS NOT an RWB. Instead, this is a GT2 Evo, developed for GT1 races. An upgraded version of the normal GT2 and quiet rare. The bolts on the hood, the black hood scoop and the rear spoiler thats taller than a normal GT2 are clear give-aways. I'm not flaming RWB, I'm just clearing up the facts.

    – Black Wind

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