Lamley News: 2014 Hot Wheels Datsun 620 recolor & Toyota Supra both unveiled on card…

A quick pop-in to show the first images of the Hot Wheels Datsun 620 recolor and Toyota Supra on their cards.

It looks like they are starting to hit overseas, and our guess is we will see them in the US late next month.  We have seen the Supra before, but this is the first time we are seeing the 620 in splendid blue, and the JNC logo remains.  That most likely means our friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car have gotten their models in advance, and I would not be surprised if we see some close-ups on their site very soon.  When they do, we will be sure to link to it on the Lamley Facebook page.

We found both on ebay.  Click on the links to see the full photos:

Hot Wheels Datsun 620 recolor

Hot Wheels Toyota Supra

7 Replies to “Lamley News: 2014 Hot Wheels Datsun 620 recolor & Toyota Supra both unveiled on card…”

  1. Man, that 620 pickup had an orange color and then a blue one? Orange and blue are my top 2 favorite colors! The Toyota Supra too, that's an awesome model when some of us saw that design of the Supra in the Falken Tires livery.

    And speaking of that, why didn't you show the WHOLE thing of the card including to show the car? And also on the back of the card.

    And so so, anyways, what is the batch of these 2 models? Did your Lamley Friend Doug tell you these would be part of case E or F? Or the LOT “E”? He went to Hot Wheels ca. and told you these already would come out? Well now I should have known! Where did you also get these already!? You're making everybody really surprised! OMG, I'm also curious with all my questions that you have to answer them! Holy cow!!!

    So these were my funny questions AND SOME curious serious questions! You can answer them IF YOU WANT, it's your choice to answer or don't answer. I'm OK with either you want to answer or not to answer.

    … Nice post also. I like the recolor again of the Datsun and the super Toyota. I really hope you do a “First Look” on both. And if there's a Pagani Huayra for 2014, please do a “First Look” on the Pagani in case it's in the future.

    And I have some few notes you missed for 2013. You did not do a “First Look” on the recolor of the Pagani Huayra for 2013. The silver one from the 2013 Q case. And you did not do a post on “Just unveiled” and a “First Look” on the P case* 12' Acura NSX concept RECOLOR in red.

    So that's my notes and questions I have all for today.

    Nice post again…! : )

  2. Too many question bro.. This is not an 'asking counter' or help desk.. Haha. BTW, its up to the blog owner to answer yr question. I believe that some question better to remain as mystery.

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