Model of the Day: The variations of the Hot Wheels ’92 BMW E30 M3…

It is time to do a little updating on one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings.  The BMW E30 M3 is high on the favorite list, and that means I try to acquire all variations.  I am now up to date.
So, the update.  There are now several variations to find, and I have included a couple of errors as well.  Now you can go out and try to find them.
2013 Basic

2013 Basic with Skyline 2000GT-X interior

2013 Basic blue

2013 Basic ultra dark blue

2013 Basic blue no tampo

2013 Basic blue with MC5

2014 Basic red

2013 Basic red with rear roll bar

2013 Basic reversed interior

2013 Basic white-lipped rims

Of all the models shown, the blue with MC5 and red with white-lipped rims are the hardest-to-find.  My white-rimmed model came from Australia, and the both of my blue MC5 came from the US.  And yes, I said both, so that means:


The white recolor of the 2014 model is due soon.  We will surely look for variations on that one as well…

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  1. You mean 2014 with roll bar, 2014 reversed interior, and 2014 white-lipped rims. Those are your mistakes. Seems like it's also about the variation you did, so it's variation day hahahahahahaha!!!

    Anyways, what I prefer best is 2013 ultra dark blue variation. I can make a list from my first favorite to least favorite.

    And this is the list;

    1st- 2013 Ultra dark blue
    2nd- 2014 White lipped rimed
    3rd- 2013 blue no tempo
    4th- 2013 MC5 variation
    5th- 2013 with skyline interior
    6th- 2013 basic
    7th- 2013 basic blue recolor
    8th- 2014 reversed interior
    9th- 2014 with roll bar
    10th- 2014 basic

    Some of these variations I had never ever seen. But now I see. That ultra dark blue really captures the picture of one of my most favorite variation version ever. The only variation I got that no one never got (not even found on eBay) is the 2013 BLUE recolor version with a skyline interior and side tempos. Found it at my local Wal-Mart. It's EXTREMELY RARE. No one can't find it. I found on a dumped Hot Wheels bin on the bottom of the bin. And in case anybody's wondering I didn't tell yet, I'm in Canada. Not U.S. So I live in Ontario Toronto, which where I live has the CN tower and is the capital of Ontario.

    Speaking of where I live, the extremely rare variation I got doesn't have any wheel variation except again it has a skyline interior and no tempos (I keep mentioning this, but I still have to say it!!! : ( ). And remember, it was the BLUE VERSION.

    Any questions I can answer? Any of you can reply to ask about the extremely rare variation I had got.

    By the way, I hadn't got the SILVER version with the skyline interior.

    : ) Thanks for the post.

  2. I'd say any error is HTF. It's an error and less likely to be replicated exactly, unlike variations that see multiple pieces pass through the plant.

    I'm nearly up-to-date on my M3s (Thanks to someone's incredible generosity with the reverse-interior red release). All I need now are the dark blue 2013 and the white-lipped red 2014.


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