First Look: Newly modified Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GT-R R34…

No, this isn’t the 2013 version of the R34.  It is the 2014, which looks an awful lot like the 2013.

But no problem at all.  Especially since this Skyline is part of a Then & Now set, meaning either the Hako or Kenmeri will be back in the mainline.  We will wait to see which it is, but we are looking forward to it.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest version, and note the new metal spoiler.  It might be a bit too high, but we are fine with it.

This model has grown in appreciation as the tributes to Paul Walker continue to roll in.  His love of cars is well-documented, and the R34 was one of his main loves.  For good reason.  It’s a beast.  And a good-looking one at that.  It is a model surely worth collecting, and we are glad Hot Wheels has given us a few new versions lately…

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Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (2014 Mainline):

2014 vs 2013 (new and old spoiler):

The family:


2010 recolor

2013 red

2013 Zamac Walmart exclusive

2013 black

2013 Fast & Furious


14 Replies to “First Look: Newly modified Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GT-R R34…”

  1. Always rearlight tempos (I don't care) on all the versions of the Nissan. Not frontlight tempos.

    Anyways, the 2014 version almost looks like the 2013 version. And it does almost looks like an error report hahaha. But you can notice the 2013 version has darker golden PR5's, more detailed stripes, older spoiler, and the grey Hot Wheels logo on the side bottom. The 2014 version has not a lot of golden on its wheels, not much detailed stripes, new spoiler, and the red Hot Wheels logo on the side.

    So I hope y'all in the Lamley Group do another cool post today in the afternoon.

    Thanks for the post too.

  2. Interesting that this R34 is in the Then and Now series, however I don't think the other car in the set will be a Hako or Kenmeri. I think that this car is actually the “Then” in the series, and the “Now” will be the R35, seeing as this is a previous generation model and the R35 is the current model.

  3. Posting a comment here after a long time (dont get me wrong, I visit this blog every day, just dont post comments very much). Does looks sweet, this thing! Sure, the spoiler is a bit too high and somehow doesn't look right. But overall its pretty cool! This Nismo Skyline GTR R34 has been one of my favourite Hot Wheels casting of all time. The silver version especially is right up there in my top 10 'most fav HW models' list. It'll be interesting to see what it's pair in the “Then & Now” series will be. If this is the “now” half then I really hope that the Hako or Kenmeri show up as the “then” one. Or maybe even the R32 GTR. Oh hey! We haven't seen the R32 in the mainline in a long time so it will be nice having it back as it was a really cool casting. If the R34 is the “then” part, then theres no choice for the “now” part other than the new GT-R, as the person above me said. As always, keep us updated on the news and thank you for the post!

    – Black Wind.

  4. You are actually missing the normal blue recolor of 2010 in the family pictures, the one you are showing is the darker version of that recolor, which you have mentioned as another model in other posts.

    – HoodCR

  5. I'm not a fan of the tall spoiler either. But I will grab this car anyway, just for custom material, and the fact that the R34 is one of my favorite castings. That spoiler will be the first thing to go, however.

  6. Those 2010 New Model R34s are going up in price. I traded my silver and blue 2010 for some MBX Seagraves. I kind of regret it now.

  7. I would be willing to bet we see a variation on this one, in the form of a transition piece. I picked this up over the weekend, thanks to the international mix supermarkets get. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't the 2013. I didn't, however, take the time to notice a metal spoiler.


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