First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Brazilian Dodge Charger…

Another quick post about another new model from Hot Wheels.  Meetings in Dallas are taking most of my time, so once again we will let the pics do the talking.

A couple of things.  The Brazilian Dodge Charger is actually a Dodge Dart, badged Charger in Brazil.

I don’t remember seeing one while I lived in Brazil, so I will ask Lamley friend Doug from T-Hunted to maybe do a write-up on it for us.  Stay tuned, and enjoy the pics…

Hot Wheels Brazilian Dodge Charger (2014 New Models):

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  1. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is Douglas from T-Hunted one of your Lamley friends? I never knew that!

    But anyways, I do like Dodge Chargers. Except that I like the 2011-2014 Dodge Charger. Not vintage Chargers. But I don't know why this Brazilian version of the Dodge Charger looks like it's supposed to be a Dodge Dart. But I'm still collecting this as long as I now like collecting vintages.

  2. Learn something new everyday. It would seem that Brazilians are huge classic cars fans who also have an impact on what Mattel models for it's line. I may have to one day make a trip to Brazil to see if I could possibly pickup a real derivative of these old rebadged MOPARs or maybe even a VW SP2 or Brasilia. Thanks for the info.

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