First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Sesto Elemento…

Yeah, it’s pretty damn cool.
The real Sesto, like the Veneno, is very much a show car.  A little on the extreme side, and a bit harsh.  But as a Hot Wheels car, it is fantastic.  
The wheels?  Many of you will disagree, but I like them.  The color?  A lot of you have complained about the white with green, thinking it should be gunmetal grey with red accents, like the show car.  Patience, my friends.  That is exactly what the recolor will be, due out in a couple of months.  This white with green is fantastic.  A great choice, and count me a fan.
Of all the recent Lamborghini castings by Hot Wheels, the Gallardo and Superleggera look the best.  Add this one to make a trifecta of great Hot Wheels Lamborghinis…
Hot Wheels Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (2014 New Models):

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Sesto Elemento…”

  1. Finally you did the post on this!
    Anyways, I do like the color and the wheels. Some collectors won't like it and some do like it. I'm collecting this one. And yes there will be a black version. Saw it on T-hunted.

    I'm really liking this. I hope you do a “Just Unveiled” post and a “First Look” on the recolor. It's the black version that I was saying.

    So those comparisons with the other two white Lamborghinis are awesome. Also with the Aventador and Aventdor J. Not the speed machine models of Hot Wheels. I see that those wheels don't match.

    That's it for now. Comment back… : )

  2. I usually wouldn't be into the origami-style of car design (which most modern lamborghinis have), but I'm sorta feeling this one. I even like the white and the little green touches. The only thing I don't like are the wheels, but since this is a show car, it finds a way to make it work. Having said all that, if you ask me if I will buy it, well yes, but just only to add it to my Italian collection though.

    On another note, I agree wholeheartedly about the two Gallardos being the best looking models. For me I guess it would be the relative simplicity, and also the small size that won me over. The Murcielago SV can't be ignored either; I only have one but it leaves me wanting more.

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