First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment 1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon (and other badass retro trucks)…

My rocky relationship with the big bad trucks continues.

My relationship with small pickups?  As strong as ever.  Datsun 620’s, Toyota Hilux’s, Subaru Brats, even Ford Rangers?  I love them.  Always will.  Inevitably I find myself spending more time looking at the classic trucks at car shows than I think I will.  I love small trucks.

There is a problem.  There are no small trucks today.  Today’s small trucks are really medium trucks, and today’s large trucks are behemoth trucks.  I am not a fan of today’s trucks.  Sure, they can do more than ever, but they are either too boring or too obnoxious.  That form/function ratio seems a little out of whack.

But that cannot be said about their ancestors.  That ratio was either mega-form with the works of art that are pickups from the 50’s and 60’s, or mega-function with the cab + bed + wheels pickups of the 70’s and 80’s.  I am a huge fan of both.

Maybe there is something more to it.  I grew up with those pickups.  Being the son of a CPA in the Bay Area meant we would never own one, but I sure remember them (plus my father was the son of the owner of a GMC dealership in rural Nevada, so we were educated on good classic pickups).

I remember this commercial:

And who can forget these opening credits?

While Heather Thomas’s bikini was the main reason we boys of the 80’s would watch The Fall Guy, the big, bouncy pickup took a close (alright, distant) second.  (Anyone who grew up with The Fall Guy, don’t deny you make your toy pickups bounce just like Lee Major’s GMC anytime you have one in hand.  DON’T DENY IT!!)

Sadly, I never watched Simon & Simon.  But I do remember the opening credits, and the aptly named Macho Power Wagon:

Which leads to the Hot Wheels version.  Mattel, you have outdone yourself on this one.  Absolutely superb choice.  And perfect execution.  Now turn the 4×4 Silverado into Lee Major’s GMC to go with Marty McFly’s Toyota (coming soon) and we are in 80’s truck heaven.

We could show quite a few of the 70’s and 80’s trucks Hot Wheels has done, but we will stick to three.  Obviously the brand new Macho Power Wagon, as well as the 4×4 Silverado we would love to see in the Retro Line as the Fall Guy Truck, as well as the first Power Wagon casting from Hot Wheels.  The pink RLC version from this fall’s convention stands out of course.

This is the Retro line at its best.  Kudos for a great start to the line in 2014…

(Find the Hot Wheels Dodge Power Wagon, including the RLC in pink and brand new Retro Entertainment, on ebay…)

Hot Wheels 1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon (2014 Retro Entertainment – Simon & Simon):

Together with the ’70 Dodge Power Wagon:

The Chevy Silverado:

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  1. Now that theme song is stuck in my head. Hotwheels polished up the Power Wagon as it looks like crap on the show intro.

  2. I always wanted Rick Simon's Power Wagon! I do have an ERTL 1/64 Fall Guy GMC. It did take a lot of abuse from jumps.

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