Lamley News: More Hot Wheels Multipack Exclusives discovered…

A visit to Smith’s, our local Kroger chain, revealed even more multipack exclusives to look forward to.

As we discussed last week, it looks like Mattel is using the multipack models to recolor some popular mainlines and other models.  Here are some we saw in 20-packs:
Corvette Z06 in yellow and Corvette ZR1 in blue:
The Z06 is a recolor of the 2012 New Model in black, as well as the 2013 multipack version in red:
And the ZR1 is a recolor of the 2013 basic range model in red, which was also a Super TH:
Also found, the COPO Corvette in bright green:
This is also a recolor.  It was seen originally in red in the 2012 Corvette 5-pack:

And then recolored in gold for 3- and 9-packs:

Next, the ’65 Ford Ranchero in purple and the ’61 Impala in pink:
The Ranchero is the fourth color of the 2011 New Models version.  
First seen in red:
Then in Walmart Mystery Packs in blue:
And finally in multipacks in black:
The Impala is the third color of the 2012 New Models version, first seen in blue and red:
Lastly, the ’55 Chevy Bel Air in yellow:
Which is a recolor of the 2011 Chevy 5-pack version in blue:

And its multipack version in red:

Did you get all that?
Now the one model we don’t know about yet is this one:
This orange/red Honda S2000 was leaked awhile ago, but we still don’t know if it is a multipack exclusive.  We think it is, as it shares the same plain deco as the 2011 New Models version, minus one glaring detail:

All the same, except for the R. Asada that the first three models sport on the windshield.  We will feature this model a bit more in the next few days, including an emerging wheel variation.
So what do you think?  Is the S2K a multipack exclusive?  We say yes.

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  1. Considering how we in Canada get stuff later in the US, if we get word of new recolour mainlines, we can find them in multipacks before the mainline cards gets released.

    That said, I take it this hasn't been found on the 2014 mainline roster?

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