First Look: Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Gulf Porsche 917K, by JohnRino…

Lamley contributor and photographer extraordinaire JohnRino is back with a look at one of the stunning 4-car Hot Wheels RLC Gulf Series.

These models are amazing, and if you can find them here

(Thanks John.)

Hello my fellow die-cast enthusiasts,

Just received the Porsche 917K, and it’s going to be another exclusive piece to add to my ongoing collection.  I can only imagine what it would be like to strap yourself
in to a race car producing 620bhp and dominating the World Sportscar Championships in the early 70’s. The closest I’ll ever get to achieving that is this 1:64 scale version of it, and I’ll let my imagination do the driving. Enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping in at The Lamley Group (a wealth of diecast pictures and information).



DiecastDemon  (

Hot Wheels Porsche 917K (2013 RLC Gulf Series):

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Gulf Porsche 917K, by JohnRino…”

  1. Ugly. Despite being a succesful race car, the shiny spectraflame painting just not match the Gulf livery. Not everything that shines is gold.

  2. Nice effort by Hotwheels. But I aint feeling that glossy blue – I wish it was pale blue like the original gulf livery.

  3. I like the spectraflame paint. It puts a fresh new spin on the Gulf livery. And you must remember- that's what the RLC does to their cars. Spectraflame 'em out. But I'm with Zipper though, that car needed to be just a touch lower. Maybe it has something to do with the wheels.

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