The rush on Paul Walker-related Fast & Furious Hot Wheels: What are your thoughts?

You knew it would happen, but we want to see what you think.

With the tragic passing of Paul Walker this last weekend, there has been a rush on anything Paul Walker-related.  That includes Hot Wheels, more specifically the models from last year’s Fast & Furious line.  The R34 Skyline and Toyota Supra from the line have skyrocketed in price, as Paul Walker fans gobble them up on ebay.

So what are your thoughts about this?

On one hand, we totally get it.  These Hot Wheels may be the best memento Paul Walker fans can have.  He was a petrolhead, and he will always be associated with his F&F character.  Demand for these cars is up, and when demand goes up, so do the prices.

On the other hand, it does seem a little weird for anyone to take advantage of such a tragedy.  It doesn’t feel right.  But if I didn’t have the Hot Wheels R34 and Supra, I would want them, and these sellers are making them available.  And there is nothing wrong with pricing them at market prices.

At the same time, I just saw a commercial for the Blu Ray release of F&F 6, and they mentioned they will donate a portion of the proceeds to Paul Walker’s charity, Reach Out WorldWide.  Is this the same thing?  Hard to say, as everyone benefits.  You get the Blu Ray, the studio sells their product, and the charity gets funds.

So what do you think?

If you don’t have the models, do you want them?  What do you think about the demand skyrocketing, and sellers making them available?  If I had extras and wanted to make them available, should I?

Share your thoughts…

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20 Replies to “The rush on Paul Walker-related Fast & Furious Hot Wheels: What are your thoughts?”

  1. I have 2 COMPLETE sets. I have customized several other cars that were in the films, but Hot Wheels has never made replicas of. I feel deeply saddened about his passing. I really looked up to him as an actor. In my eyes, he was a modern day Jame Dean. He had a passion for cars, racing, and enjoyed many things, before his acting. I plan on keeping both my sets. The temptation is there to sell them for a quick buck. But I feel that in time, the set will be worth more. I don't find it wrong to sell the set to make a quick buck, but as for me, I don't want to. I dobthink that the skyrocketing prices are just a faze, and that the dollars will come down shortly. Especially since the orange Supra is still available in the base packaging at many Kroger stores locally. So I think it is crazy, but thats what always happens. Same as Michael Jacksons Thriller album when he died. I have the album in its wrapper. The night and weekend he passed away, it was selling for over $120 bucks! I didnt sell mine, and now you could hardly give it away. Buy low, sell high. Its business unfortunatly. I am hoping, however, that Hot Wheels will continue a Fast and Furious line next spring, and introduce some more cars from the films. I am sending them my custom build pictures in hopes they make them. Anyways, there is my two cents.

  2. It's sad and a big hipocrisy from everyone who din't give a s. about the models and now are making all this weird spectacle due to Paul's death.

    Do you think the red Carrera GT will have its price raised as well? Can people be that cold hearted?

  3. I believe it's someone that doesn't have a soul. Well, get advantage of someone's death? totally nonsense and crazy. i have the dodge charger, dodge charger daytona and toyota supra from HW mainline. and i recently bought (just two days before the incident) the 7 die cast miniatures set of Hot Wheels (missing 67 Ford Mustang from Tokyo Drift).

  4. While it is pretty damn low for people to profit on the death of someone, it's not surprising either. It seems to happen with anything that's tied to someone who recently died. As others have mentioned, it's sad and pathetic.


  5. I personally don't think this is scamming or directly profiting from someone's death. If you personally feel that the value of $10, $20, $30 dollars etc. is worth more to you than a given model you own it is reasonable and just to sell it, this instance included.

    I am not a huge F&F fan, though many years ago I certainly loved the first movie, I bought all the models from the Walmart exclusive set minus the impossible to find Mustang and the hideously proportioned and stanced primer gray Chevelle, boy that thing is hideous compared to realistic models of it made by M2 Machines.

    I'm sure a lot of the models are coming from diecast hoarders, literally seconds after I pulled one of each off the shelf at the only walmart I found them at (who probably had 150+ in total occupying a HUGE section of pegs, a sketchy lady rushed into the isle with a cart on her cell phone, informed a man that yes they had them, and then violently dumped EVERY LAST ONE from the isle display and sidekick into her cart, evidently they were going to be resold for $5 a piece at a Flea Market. Sad no other customers got a shot at a one of them.

    In the end, I suppose if you're going to spend money on a Hot Wheels Supra, the F&F edition is most certainly the best, I haven't been able to bring myself to purchase the regular version for it's lack of front and rear tampos and the lesser wheels that are far from movie specs. Though I bought it for $1, I could not see spending more than $5 myself.

  6. how anyone can say it is not scamming/profiteering is beyond me, OF COURSE IT IS, people are taking advantage of a situation, to line their own pockets, now, if they sold and gave the money to Paul's charity, that's another matter, but they are not, people are just scum when it comes to this sort of thing, if you don't like what i say and you feel offended, sorry but tough, to make money of someone's death in this manner is disgusting, and those that do it should be ashamed, but hey those that do have no heart so why should they care.

  7. My condolences to the family of Paul Walker and Roger Wheels …
    As hotwheels cars the Matell already have Subaru WRX so they could do more versions of Fast and Furious especially the Ford Escort.

  8. I only have the 70' Dodge Charger, 09' Nissan GTR, 11' Dodge Charger RT, 08' Dodge Challenger SRT, Toyota Supra, and the Nissan Skyline.

  9. You stated, “On the other hand, it does seem a little weird for anyone to take advantage of such a tragedy. It doesn't feel right.” But yet you include eBay referral links for “Hot Wheels Fast Furious Paul Walker” in your article.

  10. I look it this way: I myself, would do buy/sell for the right reasons, buy it to honor Paul, and sell it to raise money for his organization. I can't really knock anybody's hustle, because for some of those sellers, it's part of their livelihood. I had one seller tell me that they use that money to pay for their medicine. So in that respect, I have nothing against them for trying to get theirs. However, it would leave me with a guilty conscience if all I wanted to do was exploit another man's death when the occasion arises, just only to get the quick dollar. The sheer greed that goes on in this world is beyond the control of mine, or anybody else. So if it were me doing the selling, I would definitely donate the money to Paul's charity. That would be the best way to honor him.

  11. Im a big fan of walker loved all hes movies and i collect hotwheels for a good reason but i come across all the 8 car set and then the other 3 cars they done in hotwheel packages. Im not selling them ever.

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