First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch E…

Yeah, the jury is still probably out on these, but the batches seem to be getting better.

The COPO in pink is pretty sharp, the Mustangs are Mustangs, and we have always liked the Impala. But we do find ourselves with little to say on these, because it is hard to equate them to any real cars.

So we comment on them as little toy cars, which they are.  And they look really good.

More are coming, and variety is on its way.  But we are more excited for Retro Entertainment, which is clearly continuing where 2013 Boulevard left off.  We will talk about that later.

But we are done for now.  Check out the pics:

(And find Cool Classics Batch E on ebay.)

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch E:

’68 COPO Camaro

’70 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (with modified spoiler)

’61 Impala

’53 Chevy

’68 Cougar

’67 Shelby GT500

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  1. Yes, the series is continuing for 2014. More variety based on pics from the convention and pics sneaked to RLC members.


  2. Lets say an all metal/metal candy painted Hot Wheel costed $.79-1.00 in 1968. With current inlation rates the same car in 2013 should be between $5.30-$6.71.

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