Model of the Day: Kyosho Beads Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC110) Racing…

Maybe this is the ultimate JDM fantasy car.  The C110 Skyline GT-R that really never was.

This car’s history is well known.  The GT-R version of the Kenmeri Skyline was introduced in 1973, with plans for it to follow the C10 Skyline GT-R as one of Japan’s great racers.  But due to new emissions regulations it never happened.  Only 197 were made, and the car never raced.

So there exists no C110 GT-R in any official racing livery.  So the closest you get is this:

This is the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show display model.  Never raced, hardly driven, and now part of the Nissan Heritage Collection.  It is a gorgeous car.  Green, gold, sitting on gold Watanabes.  And even though it is a never-raced show car, you see variations of it everywhere, at least when the Skyline is in the conversation.  For example, the winning entry by Lamley friend Lance Pan in the Japanese Nostalgic Car Kenmeri art contest:

So what we need is a perfect diecast replica.  And we have one.  There may be a day we will see the Hot Wheels Kenmeri sport this livery (we suggest a Super so Hot Wheels can put their Watanabe-like real riders on it), but that is not it.

Tomica did one:

It is green.  It does have a “73” racing livery.  The rims are Wat-like.  This would be a nice replica to at least remind you of the GT-R.  Nice, but then you put it next to this:

Say hello to what I could argue is the center of the Lamley diecast collection: The Kyosho Beads C110 Skyline GT-R.  Kyosho, after already making some of the best 1:64 models around, felt they needed a premium line, so they made the Beads line.  And this is the gem.  It is f*#%ing perfect.  PERFECT!

And it took a bit to get one.  While we easily could have missed one, we have never seen the Beads GT-R on ebay (although there are some great Beads models).  I had to get one via Japan.  A very good friend was able to acquire it and send to me.  Now it sits next to the Matchbox Ambassador Bus on the very special shelf.

I will be honest.  I just want to show this off.  Enjoy…

Kyosho Beads Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC110) Racing:

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  1. It or one just like it gets taken to various Nismo/Nissan events and flogged about. The car is just amazing and I drool anytime I see it pop up on Minkara. Never knew they made such a wonderful tiny diecast of it.

  2. In Australia this car was known as the Datsun 240K (and I'll stand corrected if it wasn't). It raced at the Bathurst 1000 in 1974.

  3. This is an awesome model by Kyosho. I almost bought one last time in Japan, but I already had reached my spending limit – price was around 3,000 Yen… Hope to find another next time I go. Hope the prices don't go up… LOL

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