We Approve: Hot Wheels’ Ongoing Multipack Exclusives…

We don’t know who it was who came up with this idea, but we like it.

There appears to be a pattern to the multipack exclusives.  Like their mainline counterparts, they get recolors.  Sometimes they are recolors of previous multipack cars, and sometimes they are recolors of previous mainline cars.  One way or the other, collectors of those specific castings will be happy to have more to collect.

Here is an example:

In 2012, Hot Wheels released the 1985 Camaro IROC-Z in red, and recolored it black:

And we thought we were done.  But alas, we weren’t.  In 2013, it appeared in multipacks, in yellow:

And now in 2014, it’s still in multipacks, but blue:

So it took three years, but now we have four colors in stock deco of a very cool model.  And while we have seen the same model in the Retro and RLC lines, as well as the one below in holiday deco, will we see yet another color in 2015?  We hope we do.

How about another?

The Ford Falcon Race Car.  In 2012, it debuted in blue, then was recolored white (with a nice lace wheel vari):

Then, in 2013, a multipack version in grey:

And now a black multipack version in black:

And there are others.  We are seeing the Triumph TR6, Corvette Z06, Porsche Cayman and 911 GT2, and now Mercury Cyclone getting the same treatment.  As soon as we have them we will shoot some pics.  Of course there is also the Infiniti G37, which will soon be getting its own post:

Lastly, a new addition to the multipack models – the Corvette Grand Sport.  This is not a continuation of any other version, just something completely fresh.  And fresh it is.  Outside of a small Corvette emblem on the front, it is completely devoid of tampos, and it looks fantastic:

This model is a complete winner in our books, and we are sure as shit that we will be collecting future colors if they are going to happen.  Less is most certainly more…

(Don’t want to buy a whole pack?  Get those multipack models you want on ebay…)

8 Replies to “We Approve: Hot Wheels’ Ongoing Multipack Exclusives…”

  1. Can someone enlighten me as to how you know it's a multi-pack exclusive? Is it that the model is not listed elsewhere as a regular line model for the given year? I've seen the blue IROC and would like to add it to my collection though just assumed it would appear on a single card like most of them?

    Slightly Complexed

  2. Green Camaro is a mix D mainline.

    There is a yellow Z06 that has been seen in multipacks with the same stripes as the black New Model and the red multipack car.


  3. A general rule of thumb is if the tampos are the same design (not necessarily colors) as a previous release, it's likely going to only be in multipacks.


  4. Yeah right. The versions of each model seem to be weird. 2012 new models with more than just one recolor?

    And here is a list of each color favorite;

    Ford Falcon- 1. 2014 black (multipack exclusive)
    2. 2012 white basic
    3. 2012 recolor blue basic
    4. 2013 grey (multipack exclusive)
    5. 2012 white (variation)

    85' Camaro IROC-Z- 1. 2014 blue (multipack exclusive)
    2. 2013 yellow (multipack exclusive)
    3. 2012 recolor red basic (UH, it actually is the recolor. It came later.)
    4. 2012 black basic

    That Infiniti, looks awesome with PR5's. TEMPOS (uh ohh),and the color.

    What is yours John Lambert? Your favorite version of each!?

  5. I found the silver Grand Sport and it actually has 2 tampos. The corvette logo in front and the corvette cursive word logo (in silver) in the rear “passenger” side.


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