Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota Supra in Falken Tire livery…

We have really enjoyed the multitude of you sharing your finds with us.  New batches, gift packs, variations, errors, you name it.  The Lamley Facebook and Instagram accounts have been flooded with pics, and we love it.  Keep them coming.  Many we will share.
That doesn’t even include the photos you are sending of left-behind Regular Treasure Hunts.  We left seven Fangsters today.  We plan on showing many of those pics soon…
Our friends at Volta Garage (check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages) have shared another find, and we wanted to share it with everyone.  
The latest version of the Hot Wheels Toyota Supra is just out, and it looks fantastic in Falken Tires livery.  Here are Volta Garage’s pics:

It looks great in Falken Tires deco, and the MC5 wheels suit it well.  Obviously the Fast & Furious version will now have a special place for Paul Walker fans (including us), but we like this one too…

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  1. Paul Walker already got in a car accident and he died. I heard of that from Saturday.

    Anyway, speaking of Paul, that Supra would really strike me. Jut look at the paint job and the details. But how about t***** (tempos, I'm done with the tempos lovin' saying that word!)? Mattel should put the t***** for the Supra. The it would be a really awesome model of Hot Wheels.

    And the decals on the hood and sides, that does give me another strike. I see Willwood, K&N, Sparco, TEIN, and all of us know, the Hot Wheels logo. But ONLY on the HOOD.

    And by the way, some customizers should go on this one. I would like to see Bruno Almeida customize his Hot Wheels Toyota Supra. He just has to have it so I can see his customizing. Also, I would like to see a Japanese Nostalgic Car version of the Supra, if the designer thinks of that. MATTEL! Here is an idea I have given you. Or, just an example.

    And those wheels. I hope there will be a variation alert found at any store of the Supra. A WHEEL variation. With 10sp. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! 10sp! MC5 hits it with a little strike. But, the 10sp, take my mind to heaven.

    So, what's this model's batch supposed to be in? HUH? HUH,YA! OOPS!

    But, thanks for this absolutely stunning post.

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