First Look: Hot Wheels ’71 Mustang Mach 1 Super Treasure Hunt…

We were as surprised as everyone else to see Hot Wheels Batch D already hitting.  We haven’t even previewed all of Batch C models we wanted to show.

But oh well, we will move on to D.  It is the holiday season, which means retailers want the pegs full, and Mattel is happily obliging.  So we will too.

And we start with Mustang Mach 1 Treasure Hunt.  Yes, it is a Ford.  Shocking to see a Ford Super Treasure Hunt, right?  This is only the second of three Ford Super TH’s out of the seven we are aware of.  Hmm, let’s see:

  1. Chevy Opala
  2. Ford Raptor Sandblaster
  3. Chevy Camaro
  4. ’71 Ford Mustang
  5. ’07 Mustang
  6. Chevy Gasser
  7. Chevy Chevelle
Ford must be embarrassed.  Only three of seven.  But Chevy is almost as bad.  Only four of seven.  They really need to improve these numbers.  Does my sarcasm translate?
There are still 8 Supers to come, and we have to think a Mopar, JDM, or (heaven help us) a European car in the mix, but maybe Chevy and Ford will continue to battle it out.
We might be a little miffed by the variety of Supers, but truth be told, this Mustang is actually quite the beauty.  The gold really pops, and whoever decided to throw the orange and yellow striping deserves a medal.  We promise that as collectors start finding this one, it will become a quick favorite.
So, Hot Wheels, we will give you a pass on this one.  It is the Mustang’s 50th birthday this year, so we get the tribute.  I guess we might even see a third Mustang Super.  Fine.  Keep them pretty like this one.  But do consider something a little different.  If you need ideas we would be happy to provide them…
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Hot Wheels ’71 Mustang Mach 1 (2014 Super Treasure Hunt):

The 2014 Supers so far:

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