Lamley News: Porsche 993 GT2 in the 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline, the latest HW regular TH, and the Matchbox BMW 1M at Dollar Trees…

Not a ton of news to report.

Well, that could change.  HWC member nickjames87 discovered that the Hot Wheels 2014 Batch C Treasure Hunt is the Fangster, which means we may be reporting the death of many HW collectors by heart attack or riot.  Run for the hills, folks.  There is nothing more dangerous than 57-year-old collector in an ill-fitted Hot Wheels t-shirt complaining out a TH.  Hide your families!  We will make it through this together…

For your info, the monstrosity:

Yeah, we are not fans, but then again Hot Wheels can choose whatever they want.  We will always be about the cars, whether they are TH’s or not.  Let the Beanie Babie types complain, and then you sit back and laugh as they still buy them all.

Back to the cars.  We are sure many of you were as excited as we were about the news that the Porsche 993 GT2 was making its way to the Hot Wheels mainline.  The yellow Boulevard version is one of our favorite models of 2013, and we have been curious to know where it will appear next.  The mainline it is.  Based on the initial photos, it was hard to get any details on the deco, but now we know.  We came across this beautiful pic of the mainline version:

It looks great in red, the J5’s work, and it appears that the tampo design pays homage to the classic 911 Carrera design:

Not exact, just a tribute.  And we love it.  We cannot wait to get this model in hand and do some comparison pics.  And for those of you interested, the mainline version sports a plastic base.

Lastly, the hunt is on for many of you for the Matchbox BMW 1M.  Word has come of several Lamley friends that these are appearing a US Dollar Tree stores.  It might be a great way to avoid the large Walmart collector crowds and get your hands on this hot little Matchbox.  We are looking ourselves…

11 Replies to “Lamley News: Porsche 993 GT2 in the 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline, the latest HW regular TH, and the Matchbox BMW 1M at Dollar Trees…”

  1. So many great cars are on C case and they made this car the t hunt. I'm just glad I'm getting the Romeo and the bat pod later today.

  2. Oh man the complaint threads over at HWC are going to incredibly entertaining to read when this news reaches them.

    And I guess I just got real lucky with BMW 1M. I found two of them at Walmart the other night.

  3. Pretty certain the BMW 1M is a lot easier to find than people make it out to be… I have found 5 (of which 4 I purchased) without even trying. Unlike Camaro's, Mustang's, etc the BMW crowd is niche enough (relative to Hot Wheels anyway) that the demand will be satisfied soon and excess will be had on the shelves, just like most the Hot Wheels BMWs. Price online went from $92 to $2 each in rather short order.

    Oh, and the new mainline 911 has a plastic base eh? Not when I get done with it!

  4. Me, I don't have the 1M yet cause' it's not hitting my Wal-Mart. But lucky I'm seeing it at Dollar Tree.

    WAIT A MINUTE! You mentioned Dollar Tree!? Oh come on! Are you sure the 1M is hitting Dollar Tree? You have to be really sure.

  5. I, for one, welcome our new Fangster TH overlords.

    Yeah, it doesn't come close to topping the Impreza, but I like it more than the Night Burner in the B case (and a LOT more than the Bad To The Blade – the best thing about that being a TH is that I don't have to see it warming the pegs). Also, the casting was introduced in 1986, and while most fantasy and creature cars don't do much for me, I was an 80s child and have some nostalgia for the castings that were introduced back then (especially the Sharkruiser and Vampyra). Also, it doesn't have goofy colored wheels.

    The red 993 GT2 looks pretty good, but the J5s look a little too big. MC5s would have been a better choice. Still a definite purchase, though.


  6. Are you sure Dollar Tree have them? Because none of the Dollar Trees around me carry Matchbox, they only carry the crappy Maisto Fresh Metal cars that have no interiors.

  7. Me either. I went there last Wednesday and checked and there was no sight of the BMW 1M. I can only find Maisto Fresh Metal cars and Welly cars. Plus, Dollar Trees only sell less of Maistos and Welly diecast cars.

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