Huge Thanksgiving Sale at Wheel Collectors: 2014 Hot Wheels, E Case Cool Classics, Disney Cars for Christmas plus thousands more…

We wanted to pop in to let you know that the Thanksgiving Sale at Wheel Collectors is just underway.

Many of the items in their huge inventory are discounted as high as 33% through Thanksgiving.  That means thousands of items are discounted significantly for the next few days.  This is your chance to snag some of the just-released Hot Wheels for your collection, as well as stock up on gifts for your family and friends.

Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Disney Cars, you name it…

Follow the links below to check out what is available:

Wheel Collectors Store

HW Cool Classics Batch E

Disney Cars

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch A-C


HW Mars Pop Culture

8 Replies to “Huge Thanksgiving Sale at Wheel Collectors: 2014 Hot Wheels, E Case Cool Classics, Disney Cars for Christmas plus thousands more…”

  1. Cody Cody Cody…

    Don't. Just don't. This is one of the things I hate most about collecting. The term scalper and how ill-used it is by collectors.

    Tell me what other means they have to get Kmart exclusives? Kmart exclusives are exclusive to Kmart, and not to dealers. So they bought some at Kmart and have made them available to others. Go to your local Kmart and you will find these hanging all over the place.

    Go through that inventory Cody and tell me if you think they got it all by hitting Walmart after Walmart. Tell me they are scalpers for contracting with Mattel, starting a business, renting warehouse space, employing people to help list and package items, and try to make a living that way. Buy it or don't, but don't go there here. Leave that for HWC and like-minded collectors…

  2. I am not Cody, but I took your advice and looked at WheelCollectors' offerings on Ebay. I most definitely got the impression that the prices were set at what the market could bear. Here are some examples: HW 2014 Alfa Romeo for $5.99; HW Walmart Fast and Furious Mustang for $35.19; HW 2011 Vintage Racing for $69.99.

    Scalping is not defined by how cars are acquired as much as how much they are sold for compared to their normal retail prices. I realize that WheelCollectors might be sponsoring your web site, but I would advise you to be cautious on how you go about defending them.

  3. I will defend their right to price things however they see fit. People will either buy or not buy, and they can adjust as they see fit. There are a lot of great sellers on eBay, and I will defend their right to run their business how they want…

  4. If you had restricted your first comment to this, I would not have replied at all. However, defending the right to price things is not the same as defending a price.

    For me, the question is what behaviors are healthy for the hobby and for the industry. I think that the role of resellers is important to discuss. It is a great time to collect diecast, and I hope that the problems that plagued comic books, baseball cards, Beanie Babies and tulips can be avoided. But even if they can't be avoided, its only a hobby.

  5. WheelCollector's prices may be a little high but, they get the stock in early, they have a lot of it, and you don't have to go to the store to fight with other collector's, which is nice.

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