First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Volkswagen Brasilia and the rest of the HW Stunt 5-pack…

It will be a very rare occasion here on Lamley that we will showcase a 5-pack like the “HW Stunt” pack.  Most packs don’t even have a hint of collector appeal, with the exception being the yearly Ferrari pack plus a few more.

But HW Stunt, full of generics and busy decos?  Not so much.


The 5-pack’s fourth model is one that I collect completely.  Yes, not only did I buy this busy pack, but I paid an extra dollar to get it Kohl’s, which badly overprices its toys.  All to get the VW Brasilia.

I am a sucker for Brazilian cars, especially those I drove or commuted in while I lived in Brazil.  Even not counting the fusca and kombi, which are very popular in Brazil, Hot Wheels has done several licensed Brazilian cars – The VW SP2, the Brasilia, the Opala, and in 2014, the Brazilian Charger.

Of all these, I favor the Brasilia the most.  They are still very common in Brazil, they are small but functional, and I love Hot Wheel’s racing take the casting.

So that means when a new version of the Brasilia is released by Mattel, I want it.  Even if it has crazy green paint and faux muddy tires.

But let’s start with the pack itself.  Here are the 5 models:



Roll Cage

Volkswagen Brasilia

Hummer H2

My thoughts on the pack?  It looks like many other packs.  Crazy colorful designs, crazy castings, and one that I would almost always pass on.

But I have a tiny bit of interest in the Amazoom because of its resemblance to Brazilian race cars, so let’s have a look at it a little more:

But as we have said, the sole purpose to pick of this pack is to get the Brasilia:

Obviously it is not a design that I really like, but it could look a lot worse.  In fact, I kind of like the color, as well as the wheels.  It might actually fit in nicely in a jungle race…that I would never attend.  Alas, I’ll take it.

(Find the Hot Wheels Brasilia on ebay…)

The family:

The First Edition remains my favorite:

9 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Volkswagen Brasilia and the rest of the HW Stunt 5-pack…”

  1. Saw this pack at Target the other day. I do want it for 4 of the 5.

    But the plastic base on the Roll Cage, which is a first, disappoints me. But it doesn't surprise me.


  2. Bah, all those hideous models just to get the Brasillia?! I might do it anyway… just like the White VW SP2, saw it in a 9-pack, then a 3-pack and thought it would show up on a regular card, nope, off to ebay to pay! 😛

  3. I also remember the AE86 in the 2010 Hot Tunerz pack a few years back…clean too but I couldn't get myself to buy them all then. If there was a 510 and all the cool cars we have now in that pack, it would've been a guaranteed cop.

  4. I'm getting the 5 pack because of the muddy Hummer H2. I like the muddy tires and collected them the last few years. I gave up this year though as I'm not a big fan of one of the more recent HW beach buggies with the removable roof piece.

  5. Aside from the goofy colored wheels (“muddy” wheels should NOT have shiny rims), the racing decos are pretty good and all of the cars have decent color presentations (that RD-03 included). And the Brasilia has clear windows! However, the wheels make this 5-pack a deal breaker for me. Would have considered getting it on sale otherwise. Maybe if I got into wheel swaps…


  6. Update: Thanks again for the post and info, I visited one Target (same retailer as the user above found it at) while running errands and happened to find a single one of these 5-packs among 25 others on the shelves… while still a tad hesitant because of the first model, the brown wheels on the others at least make them somewhat unique and packaged together under the “Jungle Rally” theme made it a bit more acceptable. Most of all though the Brasillia looks fantastic.

    As a bonus I finally found 1 Matchbox Cadillac Ambulance, and 1 Yellow Seagrave on the same visit! They had an excess of Dodge A100's & BMW 1M's that I'm sure many are still looking for, so perhaps check your nearby Target? The midwest seems to have them!

  7. When I do the same (buy a pack just for a car), I thoroughly check all other “giveway” cars. Sometimes they offer surprises, like retooling or different wheels. I am s careful retool collector, so those “givaway cars” are sometimes important to me. Sometimes I've branched out collections, like for example the Acceleracers. I like to document these on the Basic Assortment. In this pack we have an example in the RD-03.

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