Lamley News: Just-announced Ferrari set from Kyosho, new Gift Pack from Matchbox…

A couple of tidbits from the diecast world tonight…

First off, anytime Kyosho announces a new set, it is a big deal.  But an even bigger deal is when Kyosho announces a Ferrari set.  Kyosho knows Ferrari, and has put out some fantastic sets in the past. It looks like this next set will be no exception:

It is great to see the F12 and FF in the set, but the signature model is surely the LaFerrari, the supercar successor of the Enzo.  As far as we know this is the first 1:64 version of the La Ferrari, and we cannot wait to see it.  Be sure to follow Daboxtoys on Facebook to know when this set is available…
That isn’t all the Ferrari news at Daboxtoys.  The special edition Ferrari F12 models from CM Models is due at the Daboxtoys store very soon.  These models are limited so be sure to check in frequently to see when they will be available:

Also coming to Daboxtoys next week, this BMW 1/64 Dealer Set of M3 DTM models.  These may not be as popular in the US as in other countries, but they should be:
Lastly, the final 9/10-car gift pack from Matchbox is out.  Well, out in Canada at least.  MCCH member Mutzy55 found this one, featuring the Pontiac Firebird with 60th Anniversary deco:

8 Replies to “Lamley News: Just-announced Ferrari set from Kyosho, new Gift Pack from Matchbox…”

  1. The Firebird! At long last!!! Oh, and 6 vehicles (5 in the U.S.) I don't want and 3 cars I already have… hooray… Well at least everyone can use another THING, right?!

  2. hehe… I saw the same mbx 10 pack for probably 1-2 weeks now… (And as I'm not after the exclusive car, passed on it)
    I find it's neat that the 60th anniversary logo's placed right in between the wings

  3. Speaking of Matchbox, I've got a heads up to share: I found the batch with the new BMW 1M and yellow Seagrave at a Dollar Tree tonight. I also bought the purple Challenger, orange 1963 Cadillac Ambulance, and the VW Thing seen in that multipack. The mix also includes the Dodge A100 truck and Charger Police, so check your Dollar Trees. Some of the Dollar Tree stores here in the Portland area are also stocking Hot Wheels from the 2013 L-case. If you don't see anything new in the toy aisle, they might have been pegged on one of the endcaps near it. Good luck!


  4. If only I lived on the West Coast where they seem to hit first… I'm still looking to find just 1 of the 63' Cadillac and 1 yellow Seagrave!

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