Surprise! The final two batches of 2013 Matchbox, including a superb Audi R8 and several new castings, are now at Wheel Collectors…

When it rains it pours…

On the heels of Hot Wheels 2014 Batch C hitting Wheel Collectors yesterday, now we have word that they have just taken delivery of what appears to be the final two batches of 2013 from Matchbox, Batch N and Batch P.

Both batches appear to have some goodies.  Not only does one of the hottest Matchbox models in awhile, the BMW 1M, hold over into these cases, but we also get a beautiful blue version of the Audi R8 as well as the Mini Cooper Convertible in British Racing Green.  There are several new castings as well, that are sure to generate more than a few opinions from Matchbox collectors.

We will save those opinions for later, but in the meantime follow the link below to see what is in each batch:

Matchbox 2013 Batch N

Matchbox 2013 Batch P



5 Replies to “Surprise! The final two batches of 2013 Matchbox, including a superb Audi R8 and several new castings, are now at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Holy Crap! That is one hot looking darning cool R8. Even that returning Cayenne. But the best model from these 2 batches is the new street police RARE Ford Explorer.

    Wait, did I mention the Explorer was RARE!?
    OK, never mind that.
    Anyways , I really have to get that Ford.

  2. 3 out of 4 are models I really, really want. That means Matchbox is improving. The Germans are looking fantastic in their respective clothes, while the Explorer finally comes out in a livery I like. And clear windows on all three are a bonus! Onwards with my hunt!

    – Black Wind.

  3. I'll tell you about these models of what I like of the details and what I don't.

    Ford Explorer- Everybody's collecting this because of its police livery, but for me I'm saying the tempos (ooops, I'd mention that), and the design. Why can't it have its own police livery, like the Ford Police Interceptor was this year? Why can't Ford customize it more?
    But anyways, I'm still collecting it as long as it's still a police version.

    Audi R8- A beautiful returning exotic car, I need to get this. Except that rear light tempos (Again). But I do like the silver carbon fibre (yep, it's supposed to be), and it's better than the 2011 version. So again, it's one cool darning exotic car.

    Porsche Cayenne- A returning Cayenne. A beautiful red color and no rear light tempos (GRRA, my freaking words!). But I can still get this one.

    MBX Coupe- Euuh, I don't like the MBX Coupe. It's because the black side skirts.

    Now that's it. SEE ya'll.

  4. And that is the Ford Explorer, Audi R8, and the Porsche Cayenne? That means 3 out of 4 models is what I really, really want too! Hey, and that means we both dont like the MBX coupe, because its side skirts.

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