Lamley News: Hot Wheels 2014 Batch B is now out in the US…

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch B is here.

Matt at Wheel Collectors just called to let us know that Batch B is fresh off the truck, and the models are now up in their shop on ebay.

We have already previewed a couple of the Batch B models, including the Aston Martin DB5 and Sandblaster Super Treasure Hunt.  The Super may leave a little to be desired, but that Aston is a fantastic new model.  And there is a lot more to look forward to, including a new BMW E30 M3, the best deco on the Mad Manga, and of course, those collector faves, Herbie, the Mystery Machine, and the Mars Land Rover.

These models are on their way to us, and we look forward to a few comparisons in the coming days.  For now, follow the link below to see what else is in the batch and grab what you want (and remember to mention Lamley for 10% off):

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch B

11 Replies to “Lamley News: Hot Wheels 2014 Batch B is now out in the US…”

  1. This is a great blog, filled with excellent pictures, insightful writing and great previews. However I agree that Wheelcollectors is nothing more than a price gouging eBay store. It's a shame that you have to be associated with them, regardless of how nice they may treat you.


  2. Yeah!!! 20 dollar or more for the Herbie… Do not forget to give positive feedback…
    I hate this, in Europe maybe available in the small cards. Well, time to save money 🙂

  3. Funny you guys are silly. I live HOURS away from a walmart or kmart and the wheelcollectors come through for me every single time. You forget not everyone has a store right by them. In addition they have lots of stuff that not everyone does. you guys ever heard of economy 101?

  4. Hey Bryan,
    I want two of those Vintage 510 Bluebirds that they were selling for 7.99 but i thought i could find them at my kmart. Why dont you hook me up? I will pay shipping too.

  5. What else is a batch B model?

    Anyway, is there going to be some variation models throughout 2014? If you don't know, the just make your first HOT WHEELS AMBASSADOR REPORT!!! Isn't it weird? A hot wheels ambassador report!? Just like Nigel and you post up the MATCHBOX ambassador report every Monday. Oh, plus even a HOT WHEELS MONDAY!!! Ok, these are going to be weird times. I dunno of the schedule either when you're having the hot wheels or matchbox ambassador report or Monday. Oh I know! How bout a pattern each Monday or just do a hot wheels report on a Tuesday, a Wednesday? Thursday? Or a Friday??? Choose one of the days on the list;

    Monday (Mon)

    Tuesday (Tues)

    Wednesday (Wed)

    Thursday (Thurs)

    Friday (Fri)

    OK, those 2 comments above me are right. No use in complaining. Settle down now.

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