Lamley News: 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard can be found in the US atTuesday Morning and Shopko…

When little birdies talk these days, we like to listen.  Last month a little birdie told us that he found the HW Boulevard Datsun 510 Wagon and Hakosuka Skyline at TJ Maxx in Los Angeles, and what followed was the great TJ Maxx/Marshall’s JDM purge of 2013.  We raided a few around us, and when we reported it we know that many of you did the same in your area.  That was fun.

Time to do it again.

A little birdie has spoken again, and we are happy to report that those elusive 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevards are now being found at Tuesday Morning.  From what we have seen, it is 2013 Batch P, which includes the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wagoneer, Porsche 993, and Corvette C6R.  And at $1.99 each, cheaper than TJ Maxx.

We are aware that this batch appeared in midwest and eastern TJ Maxx stores already, while the west coast got Batch A.  So who knows?  Maybe other batches will be found at other Tuesday Morning stores.  It is definitely worth looking.

And here is the great thing:  You don’t have to go store to store to see what they have.  Tuesday Morning allows you to do it from your phone.  Strangely, not on the web, but by phone.  Here is what to do:

  • Call the TM product locator hotline at 1 800 901 0881
  • It will ask for a SKU number, type in 1358108
  • It will ask for a zip code.  Provide yours.
  • It will give you the closest Tuesday Morning store and the quantity in stock.
  • Press “2” to get the same info at other TM stores nearby.
It is that easy.  Of course it won’t tell what models are there, but you can be sure that they have Boulevards if they give you a quantity.  We used the hotline tonight and found that most stores around us had between 8 and 16.
So make the call, head out, and let us know what you find.  It will be interesting to see if it is all the same batch…
Now some of you might be saying, “Yo, Lamley dudes, I hit 17 TJ Maxx stores looking for the Datsun with no luck.  That darn batch P was all I could find.”
Well, never fear generic Lamley reader.  Check Shopko.  A third birdie told us that he found the Datsun and Skyline there.  We decided to check our nearby Shopko, and while we didn’t find any JDM goodness, we did see remnants of 2013 Boulevard Batch A:
So there is a chance a Datsun or two might still be hanging at a Shopko near you.  Once again, let us know what you find.  You might even luck out and find more in one of their aisle displays:


At the time this is posting today, I hit a different Shopko, and I was a bit more successful:

They are there, now go find them…

8 Replies to “Lamley News: 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard can be found in the US atTuesday Morning and Shopko…”

  1. Great! Mine had the 2012 Racing earlier this year, and they now put out new merchandise on Sunday, so I need go there to check when I'm near there. Now maybe they'll do that with the Tomica sets and multipacks found at TJ Maxx earlier this year (especially the one containing the Unimog) . My #1 out of this list would be the Bronco.

  2. Dang it. Shopko was my secret place to find the Boulevard cars. They're so cheap there. I went a couple nights ago and got two Datsun wagons and one of the Nissans.

  3. While I was unsuccessful with the last TJ Maxx search, I did score 2 GT2s, and one Wagoneer, both of which i never found in the regular stores. Left 2 Broncos and one GT2 on the pegs.

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I wound up going to three Tuesday Morning stores in the Portland, OR area. The first store was supposed to have 8 cars stock, but I didn't see anything on the pegs. The second store had 8 cars, but no Wagoneer. I got one of each of the Porsche, Bronco, Corvette C6R, and '63 Corvette. In the hopes of finding a Wagoneer, I decided to check one last store, and I'm glad to say that I found a Wagoneer there.

    By the way, I'd advise to check the clearance section of TM as well – the third store I visited had a couple Hot Ones (a Lotus Esprit and a Side Kick) that were priced at $1.99 with 20% off tags.


  5. I got four of the Off-Road Racing cars at a TM earlier this year: the Bronco, Sandblaster, Pikes Peak Celica, and Land Cruiser. Any Beetles and Silverados that may have been there were long one, but I had previously lucked out on finding a Silverado at an Autozone, so I wasn't disappointed.


  6. I tried the TM locator hotline last night and two out of the three locations around my area have 8 packs a piece! I went to one location earlier and there were (2) Wagoneers, (3) Broncos, (2) C6Rs and I picked up the last Porsche. Thanks for the tip on the clearance section.
    Thanks to John for the great news!

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