Finally!! Announcing the winners of the Lamley Police Custom Contest…

Well that took awhile…

We will admit to a fair amount of growing pains when it comes to The Lamley Group, and count this last contest as one of them.  The BMW E30 contest was such a hit, and we wanted to jump right into another, but we should have waited.  We announced this police contest, and went right into summer.  Travel plans, my duties as Matchbox Ambassador, and most importantly life (work, family, etc) took its toll.  So on we moved, and the police contest took a back seat to other priorities.

But that is not cool at all, and we fully admit it.  When fantastic collectors and customizers put their time and effort into something, we need to as well.  So we are finally here.  We have reviewed all the submissions, put together a fair judging formula, and we have our winners.

I have to say, there is an element to these contests that really isn’t fun.  And that is picking winners.  Every submission we received was clearly the result of much imagination and hard work, and picking winners means some major efforts go a bit unrecognized.  That is bothersome.  So be sure to check back Friday or Saturday, where we will feature all the submissions that were not selected as winners.  My guess is there will be a handful that you will wonder how they did not get into the winner’s circle.

If you remember, we separated the categories into fantasy police cars and real police cars, and asked each customizer to select the category they wanted to be a part of.  That really didn’t happen, so instead we created a point system based on how much modification was done, preciseness, skill, creativity, etc, and applied it to each as the judges picked their faves.  We then added points by what ranking the judges gave each custom.

And with that we came up with eight winners – four from the heavily modified category and four from the lightly modified category.  We will leave our comments on each selection out of this, and just showcase the models and rank.  But we do hope you will share your thoughts.

So without further ado, the winners of Lamley Custom Contest #2:

Heavily Modified:

1. Daniel Hew aka danielmodelmeister 

(original model – Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador)

2. Micheal Alberto

(original model – Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X)

3. T. Horton aka 871Blower on HWC

(original model – Hot Wheels 64 Corvette, with elements from Hot Wheels Toy Story Woody, 41 Willys, and Chevelle Wagon)

4. Dean Idris

(original model – Hot Wheels Honda S2000)

Lightly Modified:

1. Tagashie Tagashie

(original model – Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 Corolla)

2. Aaron Kwong

(original model – Aoshima Mazda RX3)

3. Ernest Li

(original model – Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta)

4. Dani XP

(original model – Hot Wheels Ferrari FF)

A hearty congrats to our winners.  You may notice that we have two 2-time winners: Daniel Hew and Ernest Li, who both took first in their respective categories in the first Lamley Custom Contest.  Well done friends!

We will showcase the other submissions in the next day or two, and then we will let the winners pick their prizes.  Thanks again everyone who participated…

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  1. T-Horton's Apocalyptic Road Warrioresque custom is my favorite. There's just something about gritty, well worn and abused, metal machinery I find very interesting. Overall, they all look great. You can see the patience, skill, and creativity each customizer put into their submission – their passion is showing. Can't wait to see all the submissions. Good job contestants!

  2. I'm curious as to how you guys are creating custom over-fenders and body parts? Are you using modeling clay, or some type of JB Weld? Any help is appreciated!

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