Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK DTM & C-Class…

Occasionally we like to jump into the “what could have been” with a few models.

We have documented several times that licensing gap that exists between Mercedes-Benz and Mattel.  From what we know (and we fully admit there might be a lot more to the story), it revolves around a holograph sticker that Mercedes requires to be added to the packaging containing Mercedes replicas.  Mattel won’t do it, so Mercedes won’t approve the licensing of any of their vehicles, past or present.

Whether you side with Mercedes or Mattel in this matter, you can save that for another day.  What we can do is lament the fact that the gap does exist, and take a moment to wonder what could be.  Maybe one day it works out, and we will see newer Mercedes models like the SLS.  But what is the real bummer is what classic Benz’s Hot Wheels and Matchbox could be doing.  Yes, gullwings come to mind first, but what about anything Mercedes Motoring has done?  Tasty wagons, sedans, and coupes that are as classic as it comes (actually, come to think of it, Tomica Limited Vintage, it is time to do another Mercedes).

We can dream about the possibilities (and actually hope to see TLV tackle one), but with Mattel these potential models are nowhere near reality.  Until these two stubborn parties kiss and make up, we won’t see a Mercedes on blue or orange cards.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some fantastic Hot Wheels Mercedes models from the past.  And to us, most notably, the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK DTM and C-Class.  One model we have enjoyed since it was first released, and one we just discovered.

The one we have enjoyed for awhile?  The CLK DTM.  It was released as a 2006 New Model in stunning black, and was later recolored in silver, one with racing stripes and one without.  The two silver versions also came as Faster Than Ever models.  We will save those for another day.

The CLK DTM was such a welcome addition.  Only 100 hardtop versions were made of the real car, a variant of the CLK made for driving very, very fast.  While still suffering from large-rear-wheel-itis, the car is captured perfectly.  So much so that my collection consists of the two colors of the First Edition and one other version from a year or two later.  I don’t need the later versions, as the black and silver versions sporting 10-spoke wheels is such a treat.  The black is truly one of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels models.

Which leads to the C-Class, which is based on the C-Class from the mid-90’s, only with a racing kit.  I was not collecting in the 90’s when this model was released, and I don’t have much love for the blue-carded models from that era.  This model was only discovered this year, and it seemed a perfect addition with Hot Wheels producing a 90’s-era BMW E30 M3 and Porsche 993 this year.  So say hello to my only late-90’s Hot Wheels car.

Both of these are sleek, sporty, and fantastic Hot Wheels models.  This won’t be the last time we do posts on them.  I can already think of several angles to take.  Hopefully you are looking forward to more coverage.

(In the meantime, if you want to catch up on collecting the Mercedes AMG CLK DTM and the C-Class, you can on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK DTM (2006 New Models):

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz C-Class (1997 New Models):

6 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK DTM & C-Class…”

  1. Just the other day I found and picked up a CLK DTM car in Silver (Code Car Card) at Wal-Mart. (Someone keeps returning older cars to one of the stores here.) On the back of the card they had a fun facts thing about how there has been 13 1:64th Mercedes Benz models introduced into the line since Hot Wheels started.

  2. I have one of the C class in black, and what I find interesting is that it is much narrower than most Hot Wheels.

  3. Such a shame that Mattel are being idiots over this, it is a sticker, that's all, every other manufacturer puts one on, so why does Mattel think it's self above everyone else, just agree to putting on the sticker and get the Mercs back on the pegs.

  4. I agree 100 percent about the CLK. It is a thing of beauty, and those variations make it a piece of fine art.
    And another thing, I also had that C-Class back in the day, same color, wheels, everything. Looking back in hindsight, I think I should have kept it.

  5. Seems like MB wants to be the ELITE car maker among the Mattel crowd. Every other manufacturer do not require special shiny decals on the pack. MB is being pig headed about the situation. Do kids, or the parents who purchase for their kids, care about the special decal MB wants on the package? The only possible scenario is that the MB decal bringing added value to the package as far as a collectors standpoint is concerned. But maybe not.
    Anyhow, Mercedes is being a little picky about exclusive rights that IMO, don't seem to matter. To me, what matters if I were MB is that they could possibly be losing out on royalties from lack of sales.

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