First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Sandblaster Super Treasure Hunt…

I once asked if the Toyota Tundra from 2013 was the largest Treasure Hunt ever, and I think there were a few models offered as contenders.  Well that is now irrelevant.  Whether or not the Tundra WAS the biggest at the time doesn’t matter, because the newest Super Treasure Hunt for 2014 is bigger.

And I honestly don’t know if they can do a larger Super.  They can surely do heavier.  In fact, most normal-sized car models are heavier than both the Sandblaster and Tundra.  But I don’t know of any basic-range castings that are larger than the Sandblaster.  You are welcome to offer your ideas.

The only other thing to note about this model…it is licensed.  I erroneously said this was unlicensed in a previous post.  It was an easy assumption to make, as a called the Sandblaster reeks of generic.  But it is actually a Ford Raptor done up for a little desert racing.  I have NO idea why the model is not labeled Ford, but I assume this was at Ford’s request?  If anyone knows I welcome their input.

But take a look at the headlights (or headlights outline), they are the Raptor’s.  And more importantly, if you have one in hand, you can look closely and see the word “FORD” sprawled across the front grill, just like it does on the Raptor.  Again, why this is not called the Raptor I have no idea.

So technically it is unlicensed.  That means the Bone Shaker remains the lone unlicensed Super in the last two years.

Now the model.  My opinion probably matters little here, as big behemoth trucks like the Raptor and Tundra aren’t my cup of tea.  I love classic pickups, but modern big-rimmed monsters?  Not so much.  And while the abundance of plastic doesn’t both me as much as some, coloring it white doesn’t seem like the best idea.  It brings too much attention to its “plastic-ness”.  All that said, the design works, and I am all for the continued push of variety in the types of models used as Supers.  (And note I said “type of models”?  Using the same casting two years in a row is not variety at all, I am just glad we are seeing more than just muscle cars.)

So here is the Sandblaster, automatically popular because it is a Super.  Are you a fan?

(Find the Sandblaster in all its forms – including the fantastic HW Off-Road Racing version – on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Sandblaster (2014 Super Treasure Hunt):

8 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Sandblaster Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. To answer your question. I'd say the white base looks terrible. Am I glad it was a different casting chosen? Absolutely! I would like to see the Bluebird as a $uper.

  2. Why do they call the this model a sandblaster? I noticed the grille says “FORD” on it. And I know what model is it, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

  3. You can tell it's a Ford from the trademark step down design line at the bottom of the side windows.
    That white base looks horrible! Should have at least used the same gray colored bottom from the Toyota Tundra.

    All in all, the “Raptor” Super reminds me of something from Matchbox.

  4. I found two variations of the Toyota. Of course the first variation has a white base (I know all of you are saying the white base on the ford (sandblaster) is horrible)! The second one has a no sunroof on the top. The two variations are TH…

  5. Is the Hotwheels paint on the door's an error or is that the way they intened it to be it is different on one side from the other.

  6. I might be a fan of this truck. I said maybe. But the tempos. So probably maybe absolutely NOT a fan now cause the tempos.

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