Just Unveiled: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo BMW 3 Series (E30)…

This was a bit of news that got the Lamley offices buzzing…

No need to get into our unhealthy obsession with Tomica Limited Vintage, as that will be very clear in the weeks and months to come.  These little 1:64 models have totally taken over, and while we will always love our Matchbox and Hot Wheels, TLV is occupying a hefty little chunk our collection.

Part of it is of course the fact that TLV is JDM-centric, as the majority of what they do are Japanese cars.  But another part is the amazing quality of the models.  These cost considerable more than what most collectors are used to, but they are worth every penny.  So when TLV starts applying that quality to non-Japanese cars, we are all in.

We hope that TLV keeps going back to its bread and butter, classic Japanese, and even stretches to more well-known JDM cars like the Kenmeri and 2000GT, but we love that they have been looking across the Pacific and Atlantic for more models to do.  We have seen the Porsche 911, Golf GTI, Audi Quattro, and even a Mercedes E-Class.

Now, thanks to photos posted by kidbox.com of Tomytec’s display at a recent convention, we know that 2014 will bring a BMW 3-Series E30 to the line.  We…cannot…wait.

From what we know, there will be a 2-door and 4-door version, and we assume some will be civilian even though we these prepros with police lightbars.  Whatever color, version, or livery they get, we will most likely buy them all.  When these we will actually be out we don’t know, but as soon as we know we will pass it along.
(In the meantime, the latest TLV can be found at the ebay shop of our friend patocar, who currently has all TLV at 33% off…)
There were plenty of other models previewed at this convention, including a mind-blowing motorhome, and TLV first streetcar, which should be fantastic.  Some things to look forward to:

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