Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2007 Ultra Hots 50’s Chevy Truck…

After showing the huge-but-light Sandblaster Super Treasure Hunt earlier today, we thought we would go a little random and show another behemoth.  This one is huge, but not light at all.

This is what Hot Wheels has affectionately named the “50’s Chevy Truck”.  Seems a bit generalized when it comes to Hot Wheels’ naming standards.  What year?  Should “COE” (cab-over-engine) be noted in the name?

I guess that is the point.  I am a skyscraper’s worth of notches below expert when it comes to vehicles of this era, but my guess is “50’s Chevy Truck” is about as specific as you can get when it comes to this model.  Maybe “Custom 50’s Chevy Truck” is better.  From what I gather, this COE would be considered a custom in 1:1 scale.  A rebuild using several vehicles.  Of course there is a very good chance I am wrong, but after trying to do a bit of research, that is my guess.  These things are monsters:

You guys out there who don’t miss Hot August Nights in Reno every year…you probably know…so fill me in.  Until then, I will enjoy my little Hot Wheels COE with the front pinstriping I learned about while at the Rat Fink Reunion earlier this year.  I’m learning.

This model is a keeper.  The only version of this casting I have in the collection.  I have seen other versions, but prefer this simple black model with simple details and great wheels.

I got it essentially by accident.  Wanting to protect my Vintage Racing Datsun 510, I spring for a few large Kar Keepers that were on sale at the HWC store.  I figured the price was good, so I bought three 10-packs of Kar-Keepers.  With each pack came an exclusive model, a black 50’s Chevy Truck in two, and a blue version in the third.  I didn’t think much of them until recently, found the packs, and grabbed the model from the box I already opened.  That is the one pictured here.  Cool, eh?  It is always nice to revisit a model you never gave a second thought and suddenly realize that it was supercool.

And supercool the COE is.  Sadly, the Kar-Keeper 10-packs are sold out at the HWC store.  But they are on ebay if you search hard enough.  You may not want the black, but there are plenty of 50’s Chevy Trucks to choose from

Hot Wheels ’50’s Chevy Truck (2007 Kar-Keepers Ultra Hots Exclusive):

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  1. Hey John. I just picked up one of these, also in the black that you have. For a pretty good price on a well known auction site. It’s a really lovely little truck, definitely a highlight in my growing collection of pickup trucks.

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