First Look: Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Zamac Lamborghini Aventador J…

Okay, until proven otherwise, the general rule is models look fantastic as zamacs.  There have been several Walmart exclusives over the years, including redlines, Goodyear wheels, and many others, but none have been as cool as the WM zamacs.

The Zamac series can make you want a model you haven’t given a second thought about before, it can make you love models you liked, and it can make you very happy when one of your faves is chosen.  And it appears to be working.  The Zamacs have been gobbled up.  They don’t vanish as fast as Treasure Hunts of course, but they go quickly.  All parties involved – Mattel, Walmart, collectors – have to be happy with that.

So here we are asking that the series be done again.  At this point we have no idea if it will return in 2014, but at least we here at Lamley hope it does.

Which leads to the Aventador J.  A model we like, but not love.  But darn if it doesn’t look perfect as a Zamac.  Maybe it is because it just photographs well with no paint and those extreme Lambo lines.  So we will take it.  And photograph it.  Because that is what we do.

By the way, if the Zamac Series returns, what castings would you like to see as Zamacs?  We have several ideas, but let’s see yours first…

(Find the Zamac Lamborghini Avendator J on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador J (2013 Walmart Zamac exclusive):

Some of our faves:

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Zamac Lamborghini Aventador J…”

  1. Um, bro, it's the October 8th today.

    Anyway, I like zamac. These cars are the perfect models for the zamac line from hot wheels. But I am looking forward to another model that goes with zamac, the Pagani huayra. I know it's already in a siver color (it's the recolor), but it loks like it's in a matte version of siler. Like all these models, they have to be umm, maybe the type would be a little metallic though. OK, that's all.


  2. I just found one of these Zamac Lamborghini Aventador J's in perfect condition with an ERROR! 🙂 I was actually looking for one with no windshield like was featured here with the original red version but instead found one that has the MC5 Muscle car front wheels instead of the intended OH5 wheels. I'm willing to part with it if anyone wants it more than I do? I picked up a non-error Zamac to go with it as well. Certainly one of the best Zamac's of the year, though the last 3 pictured above are just as good!

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