First Look: Hot Wheels VW Beetle – Herbie the Love Bug…

With Hot Wheels emphasis on entertainment-related models, there are certainly some no-brainers.  Herbie the Love Bug is probably near or at the top for many of those “no-brainer” lists.

And we finally have it, in the 2014 basic range.  And we will be getting it again (you RLC’ers have already seen it) in the Retro Entertainment line later this year.

Being the car guy I am, the thing I like most about the Retro Entertainment line is that it is producing cars that look fantastic, whether in a movie or not.  The Ferris Bueller Ferrari California is the best example of that.  Other than that these entertainment “character” models don’t do much for me, premium or basic.

But I can get behind Herbie.  It is a great racing deco for one, and more importantly, I loved the Herbie movies.  I don’t remember much about them, other than the car had a mind of its own, and I always wondered why Dan Rather was the star of the movie (let’s see who gets that), but I do remember loving them.

So Herbie is a welcome addition.  Now thoughts on the actual model.  I think most collectors will clamor for an updated classic Beetle.  I agree.  This casting, while metal on metal, is just a bit too dated.  I actually like the stance, and on Herbie I like it a lot.  Herbie with a nice modern Hot Wheels touch.  But those headlights, and those wheel wells, and wide wheels.  All a little off.

But that is my opinion.  More than anything I am happy to have Herbie around.  Even without Dan Rather…

(Find Herbie on ebay…)

2014 Hot Wheels VW Beetle: 

11 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels VW Beetle – Herbie the Love Bug…”

  1. Let see what the prices will do. Hope they will arrive verry soon in The Netherlands for a normal price. This cars (VW) normaly is not cheap 🙁 But I love Herbie, so it will come here (o\ l /o) Wiebren

  2. What's with the plastic wheels? I thought the Entertainment subline was going to be premium models with real riders throughout…

  3. I think it wil be a carded version just like the Flinstone mobile etc. Maybe there wil be a luxury edition just like the reglar and luxury scooby doo bus

  4. This is the mainline version. It's going to have different wheels and more detailed paint for the Entertainment line.

    I think the real question is whether or not there will be other Entertainment cars that will have mainline counterparts in 2014.

  5. I'm getting this one. I have the JL one that came out during the last installment of the move. I have always liked five spoke wheels when I was little, and they work well with this model. It does look a little dragster. Why can't Hot Wheels just make a plain VW Beetle and print it as the Love Bug.

  6. That is very cool and I'm going to buy it. Hint, look at Walmart. Follow me on Twitter at danielh7196 and I will follow you. :]

  7. I have seen this one and the other new A case cars on ebay, the new power wagon and the uss enterprise the fast and furious dodge charger, and the flintstones, username sugarglide82, very good guy, I have bought from numerous times and always come through, they specialize in pre orders and updates you on any new info they get, should check them out

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