Just Unveiled: Kyosho Aston Martin Series…

We thought this was worth sharing…

Our friends at Daboxtoys have just unveiled the next series from Kyosho, who is once again tackling Aston Martin:

The series looks to be heavily focused on current and recent cars, which in our humble opinion are some if the best looking of any cars currently on the road. Plus, Aston fans have to excited to see Kyosho taking them on, because they rarely swing and miss when it comes to accuracy in 1:64 (Lamborghini 4 excluded).

If you are interested in any if the models or the entire set, here is what Daboxtoys has posted about it:

Kyosho has just announced the new Aston Martin series (1/64 scale) due in mid November. We are frantically trying to order these from Japan so that we can get them to you at the quickest time. 

Please note:
– The larger stock for Hong Kong/China should be expected to arrive 6-8 weeks after its release in Japan as this is a rule set by Kyosho.
– We will not be doing pre-orders as the final prices have to be dependent on the JP Yen exchange rate in mid-November. 
– We expect the prices to be around $10-15 USD each depending on the model.

We are all over this one, and hope to have a few models to show off here on the blog.  In the meantime, be sure to bookmark Daboxtoys’ store and follow them on Facebook.  And check back often because these will sell out quickly…

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