As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending October 5, 2013…

Guess what?  It is just after 11 pm where I live, so we are technically still ok to release our weekly custom post.  And what a post it is.

Last week I was traveling home from JCCS, so we threw out an abbreviated feature.  This week I have been working all weekend on renovating the Lamley office.  Since we purchased this home a few years ago, the was one room that was not completed in our basement.  We finally got to it this week, and all the drywall and lighting went up.  Since then we have painted everything and are waiting for the flooring.  I am also having custom displays built, and this will be one good-looking office.

So we thought about delaying the As is the Custom for another week, but there are just too many good customs to show.  So here is a late night post for some, and a Monday post for others.  There are great pieces here so be sure to check them all out.  And keep the customs coming by way of email (, Instagram (use the hashtag #lamleycustoms), or Facebook.


Something has to be said about the first custom we are featuring.  The work, detail, and craftsmanship are mind-blowing.  Truly an amazing creation.

@blistercards – Instagram (

Camaro Garage

@migkustomz – Instagram

Madworks Kustom

@lukeshotwheels – Instagram

Joey Bergjord

Daniel Hew

Jared McDude

@actionfigurecomics – Instagram

ressa diecast

@rikkshady – Instagram

@alamazan_hw – Instagram

@i_d_r – Instagram


@toykollector – Instagram

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

@ukhwc – Instagram


Alex Boock

Joey’s Custom Cars

Henry Jimz

Pryor Selektah

Tóth András

Henry Jimz

Tom B



Dylan Cancela Cuevas

@migkustomz – Instagram

@hwc_customs – Instagram

Peter Tobin

Mohd Ozil

11 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending October 5, 2013…”

  1. The Starion doesn’t make sense, it still looks like a Toyota in places, especially side-on. Why not start with……. A Starion !?!? CM’s and Tomica both did one in that scale or thereabouts. I mean, whoever did it has done a great job but it would have been so much better if they’d used the right car to start with.

  2. That Starion is absolutely unbelievable. Those BRE 240Z's were very well done as well, the cases for them are so well detailed. Those boso pipes are pretty awesome too! I wonder how those were made. Pretty awesome custom week.

  3. How could you not like the Starion/Conquest piece that is truly AMAZING! What a piece of art!
    EVEN IF you could find a Starion/Conquest to start with (at a reasonable price), it would not make sense because you would already have one to begin with! Catch my drift?
    It takes a real artist to begin with a mainstream HW's Toyota and put your skills to the test.
    I had to study multiple times to see if the Toyota was actually used for the Starion piece!

    I've always liked that body style and this example reminds me that HW's could have executed this as a Boulevard casting. I'd love to have an example like this for my collection, but I'm not going to shell out over $25 from “E-Bilk” to do it. I'm sure this work probably costs more than that amount in effort.

    I hope the HW's crew is checking this out so they can take note to someday produce a casting based on this talent!

  4. The “Starolla” reminds me of one of those body kits to put on an MR2 to make it look like a Ferrari, when finished it looked more like a Ferrari than an MR2, but it still wasn't a Ferrari and you could tell. Same with the Starolla, it looks more like a Starion than a Corolla but it still isn't right. If someone's capable of that sort of workmanship, and believe me I am impressed with the quality of the work, it's incredible, but I think if they'd started with a Tomica “flat side” Starion and done all the necessary mods to turn it into the widebody, that would have been spectacular, and it would have been a Starion, not a Starolla.

  5. I got to agree with my man wheat. True, the dude could have used a real Starion casting, but I think he knew that anyway. I think it was really all about him testing out his skill as a customizer. I am just amazed at the precision of every single detail. The craftsmanship is off the charts, and the fit and finish is top notch. To be honest, I don't even care about what casting he started out with, the end result is what impresses me the most. He got some mad skills, so I give him mad props!

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