Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Modern Classics ’07 Ford Mustang…

The fun of blogging:
I am in my car, it is Friday afternoon, and I would have probably typed a novel about this model had I been home.
But alas, I only have an iPhone to accompany me, but this model is so darn good looking and it photographs so well I probably don’t need to say much about it.
But this is the first version of the Jun Imai-designed Mustang that has gotten a lot of attention lately.  A Super in 2013 AND 2014 will get some attention, so here is a look at its spectacular, but somewhat overlooked, debut.
Enjoy while I go put some gas in my car…
Hot Wheels ’07 Ford Mustang (2008 Modern Classics):

8 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Modern Classics ’07 Ford Mustang…”

  1. You should at least use the magic word … PLEASE!
    That's what I tell my child, or even other kid's when they want something and I tell them to use that magic word. Maybe when you produce your own blog, you can post something everyday. Good day!
    Take your time John.

  2. Now this is what you call cool. I actually prefer this over the new 2010+ Mustangs (except just the Super Snake and Laguna Seca). I have the black with red stripes version from the Modern Muscle 5-pack and I'm still hunting for the 2013 green TH.

    – Black Wind.

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