Lamley News: 2014 for Hot Wheels has begun, so check your Walmarts…

It is always fun to have a surprising day on the hunt.

I have enjoyed the reputation I have as the finder of everything.  There is some truth to that.  I live in an area that has plenty of collectors, but their interest appears to be more geared on finding hard-to-find models like Treasure Hunts.

I consider myself a car guy first, so when I make my way to the pegs I am looking for the minicars I want, and am very happy when I find them.  It just seems that because I travel all over the state I live in, I tend to happen upon Super Treasure Hunts and other hard-to-finds that the whatever local collector has yet to come across.  I don’t find all the Hunts, but when I do it is usually between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, when I visit a store to buy some food to take with me to an office visit for work.  It is just dumb luck, and to be honest that is how it should be.

So I had another one of those dumb luck days yesterday.  I was visiting a town I go to every three weeks or so, and I decided to check the toy section at the local Walmart.  The pegs and one dump bin were very full, but with models that had clearly been there for some time.  I checked the Hot Wheels and Matchbox sections as I normally do, and then headed out empty handed.  That is until swung around the back of the aisle and found a Hot Wheels sidekick hung awkwardly on the end, way too high and well out of the reach of any passing kid.  I saw that these were A case cars, so I went digging for more of my precious Datsun 620’s.  I found them, and then was surprised to find the Subaru regular Hunt and Opala Super as well.  All my finds are pictured above (I happily left all the Jetson cars).

So I am here to report that A cases are hitting, as are Walmart exclusive Q cases with the last three Zamac exclusives of 2013.  I haven’t found those yet, but hope dumb luck strikes again.

In the meantime you might want to ask your local toy manager if they got a sidekick, you might get lucky.  Let us know if you do…

Some of the models to look for:

7 Replies to “Lamley News: 2014 for Hot Wheels has begun, so check your Walmarts…”

  1. As much i as I enjoy all these wonderful pictures of what you lot in the US find so frequently, us poor sods in the UK get nothing, we have to hunt high and low for months just to get one model, so many of teh stores that used to sell them dont anymore, stating that mattel are to blame.

    I found five yesterday, was happy, as four of them were for last years models.

  2. WOW, when are you showing the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento? They showed it on T hunted, but they didn't post more pictures. I wanted to see every side of it.

  3. Nothing, nothing, and nothing. I checked my Wal-Mart and none of the 2014 hot wheels are there. But which Wal-Mart did you get the corvette, the Datsun 620, and the others? I want to get and add these cars to my collection. Oh, I forgot, when are you even showing the Mastretta? I am waiting for these collections to really come. That goes with some new decolors from 2013, like the pagani, the 11' dodge charger (yes, there is a recolor in blue but might come out in a 2014 card), or the others I saw on the list of 2014 hot wheels from wiki? Just to let you know, the Lamborghini again, I'm reminding you because I want to see a complete and early look for it.

  4. When you mentioned the Mastretta I'm hoping that it will be available already at a local store(s) where I can purchase one or more. What interests me about it is that it's actually said to be a Mexican car company.I do have an international collection of Hot Wheels at the moment where I purchased some models of American,Australian (Ford Falcon & Holden Commodores),Brazillian (Brazillian Volkswagens),French,German,Italian,Japanese & South Korean vehicles so that's why it be swell if or when I purchase a model(s) of the Mexican car(Mastretta.)

  5. I forget to mention that I purchased models of British vehicles including what must be defined as fictitious British automobiles ( Brit Speeds.)

  6. I'm still waiting for the Mastretta to be released,in fact here's an odd thought,just last night or maybe early this morning I had a dream that I found the die cast Mastretta MXR in a department store but once I realized it was a dream I was a bit disappointed yet I hope and wonder if it's a sign that I will discover this vehicle in the store and have the money to purchase it.

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