First Look: Hot Wheels Pop Culture ’70 Chevy Blazer & ’67 Ford Bronco…

Yeah I am not a big Pop Culture guy.  The art is great, the subjects cleverly and creatively chosen, but I just don’t need Cheerios or AC/DC on my models.  But I happily admit that is just me.  Clearly, while I sang the praises of Boulevard over and over again, Mattel canceled that series but Pop Culture remains, so what do I know?

It is popular with a lot of collectors, and it is always interesting to see what they do, so I would not say I am complaining.  Just not my thing.

So, here are a couple of castings that I really like, both part of the latest Pop Culture series that pays tribute to Archie, who is a red headed dude from a comic book series that I think my older sisters read back in the day.  I didn’t, because if my sisters liked it, it was my rule that I didn’t.

So, here they are, opening the doors for us to show a couple of HW Garage versions from years past that we really like.  That’s fun…

(And as you will see, these models are cool.  If you don’t have one or all, you should.  Find the ’67 Bronco here and the ’70 Blazer here…)

Hot Wheels ’70 Chevy Blazer (2013 Pop Culture):

It looks good, doesn’t it?  But there is a snarling dude on the side.  I think I have one that looks a little more realistic.  Yep, I do, and it’s yummy:

Hot Wheels ’67 Ford Bronco (2013 Pop Culture):

Surferrific in yellow with those snazzy stripes, but what is that red-headed guy who supposedly has two girlfriends doing on that?  Better check for some more beach-combing beauties.  Found ’em:

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  1. Pop culture series sucks…Mattel slapping goofy characters on the side of the cars and charging more money cause people want anything with real riders ….stop buying these so they will discontinue them please

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