Hot Wheels Kday First Look, Part 1: ’67 Chevy C10…

Kdays.  Or Kmart Days.  Or Hot Wheels Collector Day at Kmart.  Whatever it is, we enjoy attending.

Most collectors I attend with I enjoy having a chat with.  I don’t think any of them know I do the Lamley Blog, or better, I don’t think any of them know what the Lamley Blog is.  But it is pure collector fun.  What errors/variations might be found?  Who will find the Supers?  Who will get a case?  Who will complain?  Who will embarrass themselves?  You see, it contains such a plethora of cultural riches.

Thankfully, the crew I have experienced Kdays with has been a civil bunch who all make sure everyone has a nice time.  But who knows what group will be there tomorrow, because I will be visiting a different Kmart.  The one nearest to me closed about a month ago.  362 days out of the year I am happy that eyesore is gone (this was an ugly store), but on 3 different Saturdays I will be annoyed to have to travel a bit longer distance.  Whaaaa, I know.  Many of you don’t have any Kmarts around.  I will stop complaining, I promise.

Well, there is a lot to look forward to this time, but superseding all model-wise are two new models for Batch Q, the ’67 Chevy C10 and ’76 Greenwood Corvette.  The recolors are not models I collect, and there are a few other nice ones (Pagani recolor), but the C10 and Greenwood will take most of my attention.

And as collectors see these two, I think they will feel the same.  The C10 will be an instant hit for most collectors, Chevy-nerd or not, but I am most excited to see collector’s reactions to the fantastic Greenwood Corvette, especially after most were not able to get their paws on the elusive Racing version from last year.

So we will do a two-part First Look, starting with the C10, and moving on to the Greenwood in a couple of hours.

As far as the Chevy C10 goes, it was a model I was looking forward to all year.  While not a truck-guy, I have a soft spot for nostalgic or classic pickups.  My JDM- and import-heavy collection is also full of classic pickups, mostly American.  I love these creaky old trucks in real life, and am very happy to have several mini versions.

When I saw the first pics of the C10, however, I was a little disappointed in the small front wheel and low stance.  But since I have it in hand, I am back to being a fan.  It might sit a little too low, but it is a beautiful model.  And part of that is the fantastic understated deco, highlighted by the wonderful side pinstripe.  This one is a winner, and think most will agree with me.

So enjoy the pics, including three pairings with three of my other favorite classic trucks…

(And if you aren’t going to Kdays, you can get the C10 on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’67 Chvey C10 (2013 New Models):

6 Replies to “Hot Wheels Kday First Look, Part 1: ’67 Chevy C10…”

  1. I absolutely love the new C 10 Casting.I found a couple of them a few days ago (i live in Germany) hanging on the pegs.
    What i love the most on this truck:
    -no metallic paintjob,just a plain red truck with some light pinstripes,
    -it`s not heavily customized with a huge engine poking through the hood and it has a nice rake.
    This truck would be a perfect candidate for next years treasure hunts…

  2. I agree with the above comments entirely! I'd even go a step further and have equal size wheels and no cowl hood but alas it is a Hot Wheels and I do prefer Matchbox with their original looks.

    Nice photos above as well, the Studebaker pickup is quite nice, especially seen across its 4 color variations.

    Does anyone know exactly which Treasure Hunts to keep an eye out for tomorrow at the Kmart Collector Days? Needless to say I am not inspired much by the busy paint jobs on the Kmart exclusive cars. Will the Datsun pickup be in this batch? I would wake up at 5AM for that one!

  3. I agree with Anonymous statement about removing the cowl hood and having the same size wheels. It could easily be retooled. This is a great casting that has been made for the Hot Wheels lineup. Now, a 1970 or 1971 Chevy pickup needs to be made and bring back the '53 Chevy Pickup to the mainline please.

  4. You picked some nice pairings for those photos!

    HW did an excellent job with the C10's debut (especially with the pinstripe tampos). It's kind of a shame that it came out a little too late to get a recolor, but maybe HW will surprise us with one via a multipack or mystery exclusive.


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