15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 09 Toyota 2000GT…

With the last Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 hitting the pegs, it is time look back at them all. Over the next 15 weekdays, the Lamley Group will showcase one Super each day, in order from first released to last…

If you missed it:

01 ’72 Gran Torino Sport
02 Corvette ZR1
03 ’73 Ford Falcon XB

04 ’71 El Camino
05 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

06 ’64 Buick Riviera

07 Bone Shaker

08 ’62 Corvette

Well, here we are.

This is the Lamley Group, and we are contractually obligated to obsess over this model.  And we wrote and signed the contract.  We love Japanese nostalgics, and the Toyota 2000GT is the king.

And we feel a special connection with this one.  We broke the news that Hot Wheels was making the 2000GT and making it a Super Treasure Hunt.  That was fun.  In fact, it may have been that post back at the beginning of the year that put the Lamley Group on the map.  So we owe the 2000GT a lot.

Now we ask, whether you like this model or not, has any new model made as big a splash as this one?  I have no idea if a new model has debuted as a Treasure Hunt before, but obviously none as a Super.  There is a big reason that happened.  As has been documented, it was slated to be a new model, like the BMW E30, in the Hot Wheels Racing line.  But that last batch was cancelled, but the tool completed.  I would guess it was already slated for the 2013 mainline before the Racing line was cancelled.

That cancellation still hurts, and we are begging our friends at Hot Wheels to find a way to produce the 2000GT in the livery they were considering, and we are crossing our fingers that one day we will see it.

But that cancellation made for a great basic debut for the 2000GT, and we will continue to enjoy this fantastic model…

(If you don’t have this one, you should get it.  Now.)

Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

(coming tomorrow:)

5 Replies to “15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 09 Toyota 2000GT…”

  1. I love this model. It's also one of my favorite real cars of all time. A lot of folks (particularly from the HWC) are hating on it just because it's Japanese. Why? It's a gorgeous car, and it is a well-done effort by the Hot Wheels team, in my opinion. You have to just forget what country it comes from and just enjoy it for what it really is: a beautifully sculpted work of art.

  2. Definitely the best Super of the year, and it was a really nice surprise to find one waiting for me in a four-sided shipper at a Fred Meyer… especially since the shipper was somewhat picked over.


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