Kdays First Look, Part 2: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette…

With Kdays tomorrow, we know collectors will be there to see if they get lucky on a Super TH, to get the exclusive colors and first-to-market models, and to grab their 20 cards for the mail-in.  But this will also be the first exposure for most to the final batch of 2013, Batch Q, and happily, to one of the best Hot Wheels models of the last few years, the excruciatingly cool Greenwood Corvette.

Our friends in Malaysia, Canada, and Brazil, as well as a few US-based collectors willing to fork over a chunk of money, are already aware of the greatness of the Greenwood, based on the over-the-top widebody racing Vette developed by John Greenwood.  It is the 70’s porno Vette on steroids.  The extreme flares, the low stance, and that sexy hourglass figure.  Not to mention its coke-bottle spectacles in in the front.  There is nothing subtle about this model.

And Mattel did us a favor.  While the initial release in the Hot Wheels Racing line is a must-have, it just isn’t possible due to its very limited release.  And that is a shame, considering it is in its real Sebring ’76 livery, complete with Goodyear real riders.  So they threw us a bone and released it in the mainline in fantastic 70’s flair.  Yellows, browns, and oranges.  Feels like my living room in 1978.

So in this year of the Vette, Hot Wheels saved the best for last.  And that is saying something, considering the ’62 made such a splash as a Super, and the brand new C7 is on its way.  But you can’t beat the Greenwood.  It is more Vette than Corvette, and our favorite Hot Wheels Corvette ever.

(And if you want the original Greenwood from racing, you will have to pay a bit, but it is totally worth it.  You can find it here…)

Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette (2013 Mainline):

5 Replies to “Kdays First Look, Part 2: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette…”

  1. It's a disappointment due to the lack of a racing livery. I'm getting tired of the lack of racing liveries on cars that were clearly meant for them. At least the wheels look good. I'll still get one just to have the casting.


  2. Love this Greenwood Corvette.
    Of course,it would be nicer with the above mentioned racing livery,but these 70s colors still rock.BTW,my living room is painted and decorated in oranges,yellows and brown 😀
    Can`t wait to get my hands on one of those.

  3. The Greenwood is not bad, but I don't really go out of my wat to get one, and this is coming from a Vette cat. And on top of that, that yellow and brown makes this car look like a turd on a stick. I gotta admit though, the patriotic one is pretty dope.

  4. I am completely stoked, I own two of the racing versions and will most certainly go out of my way to score a few of the new mainline variety's. I grew up in Florida and attended the races at Sebring many times. These cars help keep those great memories alive. I love the 70's earthtones, nice work!

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