First Look: Hot Wheels 2013 Muscle Mania 5-pack…

While on the prowl for a couple of Matchbox items for my Lamley partner, I was shocked to see a 5-pack I had never seen before, and alas, real car castings!

Hot Wheels 5-packs are not an item I get too excited about.  I know there will be 2-3 packs that interest me, with a handful of single models that will force me to drop $5 for a whole pack.  The rest are usually filled with non-licensed models that don’t appeal too much to me as a collector, but surely will grab the attention of the kid being carted by in the store.

But this one had real cars, all muscle cars, so I picked it up.  At Kohl’s.  At their ridiculous prices ($8.99, but on sale for $6.99!  Hooray??).

Today, in interest of time (the Lamley offices are undergoing a remodel starting tomorrow, and I need to prepare), I will post the pics, and you can make your judgements.  It will be easy to tell which model is my favorite (Superbird) based on the amount of photos I took.  But two thoughts:

  1. I hope this is the last time I have to take pics of the awful Camaro Z28 casting.  The newer ’85 IROC casting should replace this model forever.
  2. I might be in the minority, but I like the OH5’s on the Superbird.  And I really like them when they are are orange and rolling with an orange car.  Cool cool cool…
Alright, check out the pics and tell me what you think…
(And if you are interested, you can get one on ebay right now…)
2013 Hot Wheels Muscle Mania 5-pack:
Camaro Z28

’69 Pontiac GTO

Ford Mustang GT

’70 Plymouth Superbird

Pontiac Firebird

12 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels 2013 Muscle Mania 5-pack…”

  1. I love GTOs. I have 1969 GTO in orange with white stripes. This car has got one weakness – the chrome interior. This green version is nice but the interior is something to change. All 5-pack is quite good even if it could be more detailed. For example – the Superbird would be much better with black roof.

  2. This is a nice collection, considering it being a 5-pack. But I agree, they should have put in the '85 IROC instead of the Z28. The Z28 got a cheap plastic body anyway. My favorites might have to be the GTO and the Firebird. Those were the most well done in my book.

  3. This was cool to see this 5 Pk on Lamley today. I wonder if there will be other variations of some of these models in the near future; such as the GTO, Firebird or the Superbird?
    I also like to have the Superbird dressed in a black roof.
    As usual, I have to see these castings in person to give justice!

  4. The pros:
    -All realistic castings!
    -The GTO is stellar. My personal favorite car in the set.
    -The inclusion of a Firebird (they're my main focus in diecast collecting)
    -At least one Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, and a Mopar!

    The cons:
    -Poor wheel choices on the Mustang and Superbird.
    -I would have preferred a set of 60s-70s castings, but I appreciate the fact that HW went for at least one representative from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.
    -I would have preferred the '67, '69, or '73 Firebird over the IROC Firebird, but that would have left the set without a 90s representative. Come to think about it, 90s muscle is kind of lacking in the Hot Wheels lineup. The only other castings that come to mind that haven't been retired are the '92 Mustang, '95 Mustang, and '95 Camaro Convertible (two that were retired: the '93 Camaro and '96 Mustang Convertible).
    -I also would've preferred to see a racing livery on the IROC Firebird.
    -The '83 Camaro Z28. When the '85 came out, I assumed that the '83 Camaro would be reduced to 5-pack and multipack appearances, and I see that I was right. However, the color presentation and tampos definitely leave a bit to be desired, and the lack of an interior doesn't help. On the plus side, the gold 5-spokes fit the car fairly well. I'm actually hoping that Hot Wheels will eventually retool the casting and bring it back to its former glory – it made its debut as the “Blown Camaro” due to the blown engine that was once prominent on the hood. Imagine how a retool of the original Blown Camaro would look in a premium line.

    Even with the cons, this will still be a definite purchase (however, I can wait until I find it at a place that doesn't overcharge for 5-packs). Kudos to HW for another 5-pack that appeals to collectors and kids alike.


  5. Just realized that the Mustang is a 2010 model, so this set is actually lacking a representative from the 2000s… but hey, one could change that to “2000s and newer,” I guess.


  6. I have to agree that this one of the fewer packs (apart from the yearly Ferrari packs and the recent Shelby, Corvette and Exotics packs) where all the cars included are licensed models and all of them are models which I quiet like. I also agree that the'85 IROC Camaro would've been a better choice over the old Z28, and the wheel choices on some of the cars aren't exactly to my taste. But who cares? You've got five licensed and great looking muscle cars which aren't ruined by stupid flames or colored windows. My favorite of the lot is actually the IROC Firebird, and not without reason. I've always liked that car and the casting in particular because of NFS HS (and I'm still hunting for the 2011 police version). So all in all, a great pack! Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely be looking out for this one!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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